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Democratic Legislators and Yellowstone County Democrats Stand with Jade Bahr, Donations Nearing $1000 in a Day

The outpouring of support for Jade Bahr after outside groups started attacking her has been incredible. Jade is “humbled” by all of the support. Many Democratic legislators have reached out to Jade and expressed their support for her, quotes from them below.

The Yellowstone County Democratic Party released this statement in support of Jade just moments ago:

Yellowstone County Democrat’s will not support a primary against Representative Jade Bahr. In fact, we support Jade and her true progressive vision. Not all Democrats are the same shade of blue and that’s okay. As the party of inclusion, we can discuss our ideas and find ways to compromise to make a better tomorrow for the working class of Montana. So, let’s get to work to keep hd50 and to turn the legislature blue in 2020.

We still have work to do though. Help us get over the top, Jade has raised $890 in the last day after attacks on her by these outside groups.

Can you help Jade get over the top and get to $1000 in donations and tell those who would attack our Native American legislators that this is unacceptable and we will defend them and donate to them?


Democrat HD 15, Browning, Marvin Weathermax told Jade:

“You have my support and respect.”

Democrat SD 25, Billings, Jen Gross said:

Rep. Bahr has also taken on controversial issues and she introduced a bill that would have allowed individuals who are sick, who have legitimate diagnoses and prescriptions but who are on probation or parole to access medical marijuana.

I am very proud of her for having the courage to do that at the request of her constituents (who are also my constituents).

She also sponsored a bill that will dedicate a memorial highway to Minnie Spotted Wolf, who was the first Native American woman in the US to join the Marine Corps. This will be the first MT highway named for a Native American woman. We expect this bill to be signed into law, as well as a bill requiring reports to the legislature to demonstrate the economic impact our tribes and tribal members have on the state’s revenues. She sponsored a bill that died in process that would have helped adults with disabilities in a competitive job market.

I cannot say enough good about Rep. Bahr, and I am proud that she represents me in the Legislature. I look forward to assisting her in her re-election campaign.

Democrat HD 3, Columbia Falls, Zac Perry said:

Ummmm…you got a bill through House Judiciary! The Governor has signed a number of your bills. Primary? That’s horsesh**.

Democrat HD94 and one of the Democratic Attorney General candidates, Missoula, Kim Dudik said:

You have done a great job Jade! Don’t let the naysayers get you down. 


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