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It’s Time to Fight Back! Defend Jade Bahr from Attacks!

It comes as no surprise to me that outside groups would have it in for anyone with fresh energy, new ideas and the ability to articulate a new way forward for the party.

What shocks me is that outside groups would attack an urban Native American woman like Jade Bahr.


Jade is one of the most successful freshman members of the 2019 Montana Legislature. Jade has rankled the status quo ever since she decided to run for office. Her well-informed and well thought out ideas are ahead of what many are ready to hear, especially in Billings, Montana.

The time to allow progressives to carry the banner forward is now though and we must defend Jade against these attacks. Currently, unnamed figures are considering trying to oust Jade from her hard-won seat HD 50 in the city of Billings.

As an urban Native American, as Jade describes herself, she occupies a very unique space. Jade Bahr and Barbara Bessette are the only two urban Native American women in the Montana Legislature and they are both fighters for working people and all their constituents.

Jade has passed two pieces of legislation in her first session, HB 632 and HB 748.

HB 632 Requires Montana to put together a report on the economic impact of Indian reservations on the Montana economy every 10 years. This is a brilliant bill that allows us to assess the economic impact of these sovereign nations and how our treaty interactions with Native Americans can be better aligned.

HB 748 Establish the Minnie Spotted-Wolf memorial highway. This is the FIRST memorial highway in Montana that would feature a Native American woman. A spectacular bill and great news that it passed.

It’s time to stop these attacks on an incumbent Native American legislator.

Donate here to defend Jade from these absurd attacks:

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