Gianforte and Zinke’s Dirty Secret…

It’s something that will come as a surprise to many to hear about former DOI chief and Montana Republican Ryan Zinke.

This news could shatter Zinke’s aspirations for higher office. It seems that the number one motivating factor for Zinke, as well as many former and current Trump admin officials and Republican elected officials is…Greed.

Disgraced ex-Interior secretary takes $100,000-a-year job with gold mine that has business before the agency via RawStory

Ryan Zinke has joined the board of a gold mining company, at $100,000 a year. This probably means he’ll be making between $5-$10,000 an hour for his “work” of sitting in on a few board meetings, retreats and calls. Good work if you can get it.

That’s it, money is their God and they serve that God at any cost. Personal and professional relationships are meaningless. Policy goals are meaningless. All that matters is money.

People like Greg Gianforte and Ryan Zinke will abandon and attack constituents (and reporters) for the Almighty dollar.

According to Forbes magazine Greg Gianforte took outsourcing to new levels and made a fortune helping companies lay off American workers.

Power is a useful tool to get money and a nice way to make it easier to get money.


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  • I served in the Department of the Interior under six secretaries, during the period of 1962-1978. This tenure include both Republican and Democratic secretaries, as follows:

    Stewart L. Udall 1961-1969
    Walter Hickel 1969-1970
    Rogers C. B. Morton 1971-1975
    Stanley K. Hathaway 1975
    Thomas S. Kleppe 1975-1977
    Cecil B. Andrus 1977-1981

    Irrespective of party, each of these men remained faithful to his responsibilities and honest in the administration of agency mission.

    Only the first and last of these were Democrats.

    Zinke and Bernhart are nothing but pliable tools in the hands of special land, mineral, and oil & gas interests. Both are devoid of the character and commitment required to legally and effectively carry out the diverse activities of the Interior Department. But what can one expect from a President (for now) with such a sorry record of appointing decent persons to high executive office?

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