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Republican Civil War: Gianforte Supporting Legislator Kills AG Fox Bill in Prelude to Governors Primary

It’s not going to be pretty and it’s not going to be clean, but the 2020 GOP gubernatorial primary will be worth watching as Dr. Albert Olszewski, Secretary of State Corey Stapleton, Congressman Greg Gianforte and Attorney General Tim Fox square off.

Today was a doozy as Greg Gianforte told KPAX he was “seriously considering” a run for Governor in 2020, but the rest of us know that he is merely milking the press and his current job for as many free articles as he can get before he self-funds his way to the nomination.

Gianforte even had time today to pull some strings at the legislature and get one of his good ol boy legislators to kill a bill of his main rival, AG Tim Fox.

Story from KTVH:

The proposal, crafted originally by Republican Attorney General Tim Fox, would have taken a number of steps to attempt to reduce drunken driving, including the use of blood draws from first-time drunken-driving suspects.

Sounds important, but it is constitutionally suspect at best from AG Fox and Regier was right to kill it as he states:

The anti-DUI measure that sparked a political furor Saturday, when it was revived by cramming it into another bill, is now dead, after the bill’s sponsor decided to pull the measure from the Senate floor.

“I think a lot of legislators thought that the process was being circumvented, and I didn’t care to have it keep going,” Sen. Keith Regier, R-Kalispell, told MTN News on Tuesday.

Keith Regier is basically Greg Gianforte of the Flathead. He loves claiming that he is acting on behalf of the Almighty as he governs to harm the most vulnerable and ignore the needs of his constituents. His support for Gianforte is undeniable. Gianforte donated the maximum possible amount to Regier’s campaign as well.

The question is not if Tim Fox will retaliate, but how and how hot will this Republican civil war get as 2020 draws near.

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