Mike Jopek’s Poetic Brilliance is a Swan Song for Our Old Montana Home

I think it is sadly appropriate that Mike Jopek’s pinned tweet has zero retweets. The disappearance of the Montana that many of us knew and have loved is apparent at every restaurant that doesn’t feel welcoming and every boutique we can’t afford. Thus, that Montana Twitter ignored Mike’s tweet is a perfect illustration of our modern dilemma. We are all moving too fast to read articles these days and his headline was far from the clickbait that is designed to capture the short attention spanned, internet crazy nation that we have all become.

Mike’s pinned tweet is a link to his most recent column in the Flathead Beacon. Mike’s most recent column has made me really think these last few days, his column was tragically beautiful, melancholy and incisive, all at once. Mike spoke of new opportunity on the farm and of new business and new people in the Flathead:


Mike was a legislator back in the 50-50 days under Schweitzer, he knows about common ground, finding it and working it. See, Mike is also a farmer up around Whitefish. I see him every so often at the farmers market and make sure to grab some honey and vegetables from his stand, Purple Frog Gardens, such a fun name!

If you don’t follow Mike Jopek on Twitter (@mikejopek) then you are not getting the clearest assessment of what is happening this session. Mike has a keen eye for the details of the 2019 legislative session and can deliver a solid amount of analysis in just a single tweet.

Common ground is also the name of Mike’s column in the Flathead Beacon. His column focuses on his perspective on local or national politics, on Montana, the Flathead or just whatever he’s stewing on.

As someone who was born in northwest Montana, and grew up in Bozeman, he struck a chord. A painful, but an important one. The old Montana is gone and finding it in the old haunts we used to frequent isn’t possible, you can’t go home again and Montana will never be the same.

I just drove into Whitefish to pick up lunch at a pizza joint. I ordered two pizzas and a sandwich for 6 people for lunch and paid $60, for two pizzas and a sandwich. That is Whitefish prices, plus resort tax!

Sorry for rambling, I find myself at a loss these last few days and weeks. Thanks for the analysis, Mike.

Go read Mike’s newest column and read his tweets daily.

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  • don’t tweet, but i read his column in the beacon. i feel much the same…i am stamping my feet for spring so i can get out into the gardens and work on rebuilding my beds. i don’t depend on my place for income, but i do so become so irritated at politics. a copy/paste:

    Mike Jopek
    Quit bellyaching about Medicaid. Taxpayers pay each lawmaker $25,000 in healthcare for every two-year term which requires four months of work. That’s $3.75 million this biennium. #mtpol

    mike’s tweets had much to say. thanks for the post.

    we dodged ocare on purpose because we didn’t need it: and i do so prefer my taxes pay for those who DO need health care, not “insurance”.

    yep, spring in the canyon. bulbs are up; the stinking ground squirrels not yet. the turkeys are swarming; there is something very satisfying about working the dirt.

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