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Steve Daines Supports DC Swamp Lobbyist to Destroy Montana’s Public Lands

It should come as no surprise that Steve Daines is going to make an unforgivable, anti-Montana vote to do the bidding of Mitch McConnell, but I feel obliged to let my fellow Montanans know that Steve Daines is supporting someone worse than Ryan Zinke to head the Department of the Interior.

After his tie-breaking votes to help make Betsy Devos the destructor of the Department of Education, it should come as no surprise that Daines has cast a vote for a former lobbyist and Anti-Public Lands lobbyist to head the Department of Interior in David Bernhardt.

From a Daines press release:

Bernhardt’s extensive and disgusting conflicts of interest as a former industry crony made me think of another lobbyist that affected a senate race. Jack Abramoff in 2006; will Bernhardt be Daines Abramoff in 2020?

You can learn about all of David Bernhardt’s conflicts of interest here:

Handing over the keys to managing America’s public lands, national parks and wildlife to the ultimate D.C. swamp creature David Bernhardt would only exacerbate the culture of corruption and backroom deals promulgated under the Trump administration. The impacts of Bernhardt’s misguided leadership and industry giveaways have already been well-documented on everything from industrial oil and gas giveaways in protected public lands to regulatory rollbacks that benefit his former clients. The Senate should reject Bernhardt, Trump’s most conflicted cabinet nominee to date. Montanan Jayson O’Neill stated for WVP

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