Kathleen Williams Big Announcement Friday

The question is: what office is she running for?

I’d place a crisp c-note bet that she’s challenging Greg Gianforte for Congress.

But, you’ll have to be in Billings at 4:30 pm this Friday to find out. Kathleen is running for something according to this email:

This is great news and I am beyond excited to see a great candidate in Kathleen Willams jump in this race.

Tom Winter was an unexpected candidate and I know any smart, talented Democrat can beat Gianforte or Rosendale for this seat. I’ll bet Kathleen works hard and fundraises a lot. Winter can’t do call time for the next month as he’s in the legislature more than full time. Should be a long road ahead.

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  • This isn’t an episode of Murder, She Wrote. The mystery is absolutely lame. Get started immediately, get it together, and get it done. Save the crepe paper and the pageantry for the campaign, please.

    • I’m confused. No one with any certainty can answer the question of what office she is running for and the purpose of this site is to ask these questions and have these discussions. I have been covering Kathleen since she announced in 2017 and will continue to cover her as items worth discussing come up. I have heard 5 separate offices that people think she may be running for in the last day.

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