Wilmot Collins: Family Man, Navy Reservist and Mayor of the People

Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins pictured here with his son Bliss

You don’t beat four-term incumbents by accident.

Wilmot Collins won one of the toughest and closest races in the recent history of Montana politics.

I’m not one to believe in fate, but you don’t survive a civil war, make it across an ocean and become the first black mayor in the history of the State of Montana by accident.

Wilmot Collins is a special person. A person who transcends his surroundings, a man whose smile lights up a room and whose leadership guides a city through winter as no previous mayor could.

Wilmot Collins has a very bright future in Montana, he has opened himself up to the city of Helena as its mayor, hosting weekly town halls. Though one-on-one discussions are what you can get at his weekly meetings, not a scripted PR meeting. These are real.

A lot of you didn’t hear about Wilmot Collins until after he was elected Mayor of Helena in 2017, defeating a well-liked four-term incumbent. Collins won because he worked hard, he worked smart, he knocked doors and he made campaign promises about plowing the roads that he has delivered on!

Mayor Collins became famous worldwide after his stunning 2017 upset and he even has appeared in an episode of the daily show.

Mayor Collins fights for all of Montana too, taking a tough stance on Medicaid expansion. He didn’t have to say he supported it, but he did it because it was the right thing to do:

More on Wilmot’s story from NBC News: https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/wilmot-collins-is-montana-s-first-african-american-mayor-1173381699705

Wilmot Collins is the current mayor of Helena and he defeated a well-liked four-term incumbent because he is an active part of the community. Collins serves on various non-profit boards including the local United Way and the Montana Human Rights Network.

Collins is a Liberian refuge who came to Helena and started his family there while serving in the Navy reserve.

Currently Collins is dedicated to his job as mayor as well as being a child protection specialist with the State of Montana.

Collins has delivered on his campaign promises to dedicate himself to the community and bettering it. Collins has received accolades for turning the cities snow removal program around, a priority in a town in the Rocky Mountains, by listening to the snow plow drivers needs on how they can better do their jobs. This may be Collins greatest asset his ability to listen to his constituents and be their advocate.

Collins also holds weekly town hall meetings with his fellow citizens hoping to hear from them on how he can improve.

Collins has dedicated himself to addressing teen and veteran homelessness in the city. Collins is also dedicated to ensuring access to clean water.

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  • Thanks, Nathan, for keeping the light on Mayor Collins. He is a truly good man – the kind we need in leadership.

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