Tom Winter is Running for Congress, I Know He Can Beat Gianforte or Rosendale

Wow! This is very exciting and surprising news. Tom Winter, representative for HD 96 announced this morning that he is running for Congress.

I have followed Tom since he announced his run for the state house and went on to win a tough primary and very tough general election against an incumbent who just so happened to be well financed, have high name recognition, an easy smile anddddd is House Speaker Greg Hertz’s son.

Defeating Mr. Hertz has made Tom Winter the target of endless attacks online which he has weathered with ease and charm. I applaud Tom Winter for staying classy in the face of these attacks.

As to his run for Congress, he mentions healthcare, so I love his campaign already. Every campaign needs to be about healthcare in 2020, it is why Jon Tester beat Matt Rosendale.

Every campaign needs to be about climate change. This is the moral issue of our time and it is a litmus test for me.

Tom Winter on his candidacy:

“I’m running for Congress to ensure everyone in Montana, from every corner of the state, can see a doctor when they’re sick. I’m running because I’ve seen first-hand how our current healthcare system forces hardworking families to drain their bank accounts to care for a loved one. I’m running because Washington has failed Montana – and that needs to change. Join me in this fight.” via

“As a small business owner, I provided in-home care services to Western Montana, and witnessed first-hand the real lack of access to health care that Montanans struggle with on a daily basis.

“Caring for a family member with a rare chronic illness, I know all too well how important the battle to protect health coverage for those with pre-existing conditions is, and that’s why I’ve helped lead the fight at the State House. I’m proud to call Montana home, and Washington’s dysfunction doesn’t reflect our values. I know we can do better.” via KTVQ

“I have a pre-existing condition. I have a sister, she’s had a life-threatening chronic condition her whole life,” Winter said. “It just gives you a certain perspective.” via Missoulian


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