Bullock: Reauthorize Full Medicaid and Improve ACA, Daines Voted to Gut Your Healthcare

Saturday was the 9 year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Over 20 million Americans are insured today due to the ACA.

I remember finally taking a break after an 8-month sprint-marathon, sitting with Matt Singer and a few others on March 23rd, 2010 and watching Congress tally the votes.

I remember when I was splitting wood in June 2012, took a break and checked my phone to find that the Supreme Court did not destroy the ACA. I remember the day in 2015 when we passed Medicaid expansion in Montana and I remember the day the CMS finally decided to grant us a waiver and allow us to implement it in Montana.

I agree with Governor Bullock:

The Affordable Care Act has survived countless attacks in Congress, the states, and the courts since its passage in 2010, including President Trump and Senator Daines relentless efforts to repeal, weaken, and dismantle the law piece by piece over the past two years.

While ACA opponents claim to care about protecting people with pre-existing conditions, tackling the opioid crisis that is destroying millions of lives and making health care more affordable, their actions tell a different story.

Like Matt Rosendale who has stated numerous times that he would vote to repeal the ACA.

Like Steve Daines who says he cares about pre-existing conditions, yet has voted to repeal the ACA while in Congress and the Senate. He even voted to shutdown the Government in an attempt to gut the ACA.

Maybe this is why Steve Daines is more than happy to let President Trump slander the memory of a veteran and deceased U.S. Senator in John McCain.

McCain cast the vote that made sure the Senate Republicans could not pass a repeal bill in 2017 with his now famous thumbs down that saved the day.

Rather than celebrating the ACA and Medicaid expansion that expanded coverage for over 20 million Americans and provided essential health benefits and pre-existing condition protections for millions more, they keep trying to take away our healthcare and roll back rules that protect patients from the worst insurance company abuses. Trump’s 2020 budget proposal, released just days before the ACA’s anniversary, is the latest example of healthcare hypocrisy.

In Montana, 96,000 Montanans gained coverage through state Medicaid expansion, bringing the number of uninsured people to a historic low in our state.

Thanks to the ACA’s consumer protection provisions, over 50 million people who have pre-existing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, mental illness, and more can no longer be charged more for coverage and treatment.


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  • Just casual observation over the years since Daines was elected shows him to nearly always vote the GOP party line when it comes to legislation that helps ordinary folks. He is one of the very wealthy ones, so he votes the way they want.

    As far as healthcare goes, the GOP mantra is ” I’ve got mine – don’t give a hoot about the rest of you!”
    Case in point – the current Medicaid Expansion program we have now works, but the GOP can’t accept that. The old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” is lost on them. They just HAVE to break it.

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