Conrad Burns Former Staffer Calls on Daines/Gianforte to Condemn Trump’s Attacks on McCain

Republican’s, Independents, and Democrats agree, attacking the memory of John McCain and slandering him for your political gain is wrong, should not be allowed and should be condemned.

I wrote a few days ago that: Why Won’t Steve Daines Call Out Trump’s Terrible Comments on McCain?

And Jackie Brown of The Western Word wrote today on Twitter:

Republican U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson called Trump’s comments about McCain “deplorable.

Jackie Brown was Deputy State Director of the deceased former Republican Senator from Montana Conrad Burns and had this to say:

I don’t like it when I read about people persecuting or saying disparaging things about people who are dead. They should let them rest in peace. They cannot defend themselves.

President Donald Trump went after the late U.S. Senator John McCain on Twitter this weekend. McCain died in August. I guess he still haunts Trump.

McCain served his country while Trump dodged the draft. Trump will need moderate votes to win the next election – by attacking a dead moderate like McCain he is hurting his reelection chances.

By their silence Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte are complicit too and they are hurting their reelection chances.


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  • I sure wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Daines and Gianforte to do the right thing! They both are spineless when it comes to calling out the multiple misdeeds of this president.

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