Why Won’t Steve Daines Call out Trump’s Terrible Comments on McCain?

I personally am not one who believes that we need to devote much ink to President Trump’s off-color statements. Most of them can be ignored as distraction or maybe he hasn’t had his coffee when he starts tweeting, but when he speaks ill of a fellow public servant who has passed, especially one who has devoted himself to the principles of what the Republican party used to stand for, it must be called out.

Steve Daines is not a classical Republican, he is a new wave Koch Brothers version of the party, but he was never a full-blown Trump Republican, until the last few months with an impending election. Now he ties himself to Trump at every turn, embracing the white nationalist philosophies and conspiracy theories dreamed up by Steve Bannon and retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.

That being said, Daines needs to muster the courage to push back on Donald Trump’s latest insults against a military veteran and public servant.

The petty comments Trump made about McCain recently are unnecessary, unless Trump is worried the ghost of John McCain will primary him in 2020?

Trump has said about McCain recently:

“I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be.”

Calling a vote he took to save healthcare for Americans:


And lying about McCain’s grades while at the U.S Naval Academy:

““last in his class” (Annapolis) John McCain”

Trump also retweeted one commenter who said:

“We hated McCain…”

Time to stand up for veterans Steve Daines, John McCain deserves it.

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