Socialist Snowplows and Steve Daines New Website

Dear Steve Daines,

Socialism is not just when the government does anything that you find to be disagreeable.

Montanans are very upset that you haven’t delivered for them Senator Daines, your empty rhetoric about the wall, your agreement with the unconstitutional emergency declaration and your continued flogging of the idea that everything you don’t like is socialism has worn very thin.

From the Helena IR:

Under Daines logic, Medicare, Social Security, and even the interstate highway system would be socialism. We are a republican form of democracy that has low taxes on corporations(see Amazon’s tax bill in 2018) and individuals and chooses to disburse those tax dollars to ensure a functioning capitalist economy with roads and bridges and public health and safety as key components.

I am sure that Steve Daines appreciates law enforcement and firefighters and snowplows, so, on that note, an enterprising young Montanan, Rachel Just, has created a new website for Senator Steve Daines that clearly delineates his position on the issue of what exactly IS socialism and what is not socialism.

Very succinctly the website encapsulates Daines views on what defines socialism.

Everything is Socialism Unless I like it dot com:

Regulating a tech industry that has run amok, that is socialism to Steve Daines. Monopolistic and unregulated corporations are not in the public’s best interest. As well as his perpetual disagreement and rudeness with anything that Elizabeth Warren says. Though that is a topic for another post…

Steve Daines even weighed in on the special election in 2017 calling Rob Quist a socialist just days after he was named the nominee:

There you have it, a very simple definition for what Steve Daines considers socialism.

Kudos to Rachel for the much-needed clarification!

A majority of people in the U.S democracy want their tax dollars spent on these programs:


If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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  • Exposing Daines’ intellectual dishonesty and alarmist nonsense can’t be done enough. But that website? An amateurish troll effort that begins and ends in the URL, a barely modified Go Daddy blog template with zero content? That’ll show him!

    Sophomoric as hell. We can do better. And if we want to vote him out in 2020 we will HAVE to do better.

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