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In the Wake of New Zealand’s Pain Daines Weds “White Genocide” and Neo-Nazi Amplifier Donald Trump Jr in Ill-Advised Fox Foray

In the wake of the deeply troubling, hate-inspired mass shooting in New Zealand Steve Daines has decided to tie himself to those who amplify hate and who may have inspired the attack. President Trump himself was cited by the shooter:

Police said that man — 28-year-old Australian national Brenton Harrison Tarrant — issued a 74-page manifesto with this self-interrogation:

Police: “Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?”

Shooter: “As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure.”

President Trump’s son, Don Jr., is “good friends” with Montana’s junior senator, Steve Daines. They campaign together, hang out and eat bean soup together with Greg Gianforte.

On Friday, Jr. and junior decided to publish an opinion piece on the Fox website. It is quite the mental gymnastics in an effort to salvage Daines name on a bill he once opposed, now supposedly supports? Yet he could not get the President to fund it.

As the Missoulian reported:

Trump signs lands bill but budget rejects money for Land and Water Conservation Fund

President Donald Trump held a private signing ceremony in the White House for a major public lands bill the day after his budget proposal removed nearly all the money from its most popular provision, the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

So you have the son of the president, a man who has had the luck, much like his father of being born rich in New York City trying to tell us Montanans how it is supposed to be out here where we hunt and fish and he takes photo ops and campaigns for Daines and Gianforte. Cool. Really cool.

Not to mention that Don Jr. spent last defending the misogyny and hate of Tucker Carlson.

And Don Jr. has a noted record of amplifying the dangerous conspiracy theory of “white genocide” and the Neo-Nazi movements favorite academic.

Donald Trump Jr. was also closely tied to the pick of disgraced former Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

Yellowstone club Don Jr. telling Montanans how to hunt and fish, really, really cool. We really like it when people from out of state tell us how to do that.

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  • People are judged by the company they keep – Donald Jr. is pure evil, as evidenced by most everything he says and does, just like his father. Steve Daines wants you to think they are “best buds.”

    Not surprised by the about-face on the funding for the LWCF in Trump’s new budget. He is totally clueless about what is in the bills he signs, as he never reads them.

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