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Steve Daines Endorses Expensive Bureaucracy for Red Tape Requirements

Steve Daines has introduced legislation on the Federal level that wastes taxpayer money with an expensive and needless government surveillance plan that mirrors the expensive idiocy of Ed “Bureaucracy” Buttrey’s attempts to gut healthcare for Montanans.

Today in Helena decisions will be made about the future of healthcare for thousands of Montanans.

Mary Caferro’s bill to continue the successful Medicaid expansion program passed in 2015 is being heard so that 96,000 Montanans can continue to have access to care.

Ed “Bureaucracy” Buttrey’s bill is also being heard and would waste Montana taxpayer dollars and it has been proven in other states that the absurd and unnecessary bureaucracy he added to the bill would force up to 50,000 people to lose access to healthcare.

So, in the spirit that Steve Daines operates, utter disgust for the poor, he has introduced his own bureaucratic mess of a bill that wastes taxpayer dollars in a wasteful government surveillance program.

Pretty neat trick by Steve Daines, Ed Buttrey and Republicans to say they are for smaller government to the press and then introduce legislation that wastes taxpayer money on useless government programs that punish the most vulnerable citizens for attempting to survive.

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