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2020 Musings: Bullock Ponders Presidential Run, Steve Daines Goes Off Deep End, Tester’s Bipartisan Resume Grows

Billboard seen in Great Falls

Today the United States Senate rebuked the potentially unconstitutional power grab by the President in a bipartisan 59-41 vote that clearly affirmed the separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches. Such assertions of strength have been nearly non-existent in the Mitch McConnell led Senate.

The U.S. House had already voted to block the emergency declaration in a bipartisan 245-182 vote.

Montana’s junior Senator, Steve Daines, voted in favor of the power grab, setting a dangerous precedent for a man up for re-election next year. Steve Daines continues to vote with Mitch McConnell, even when doing so hurts Montanans and the President’s emergency declaration did just that as it would take money from military construction projects at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls and send it to other states.

Taking aim at the President’s emergency declaration as the Senate prepared to reject it on a bipartisan basis, U.S. Senator Jon Tester condemned the Trump Administration’s plan to siphon billions of dollars from the Military Construction budget in order to pay for a border wall.

Senator Tester stated:

“I hope my colleagues who vote for this plan are on the first plane back home to explain to their constituents why they shirked their basic duties. Explain to communities like Great Falls why they are ripping investments out of their town. And explain to our future leaders why it is ok to follow the Constitution only when it is politically expedient.”

The Administration announced that it will be taking $3.6 billion from the military construction budget to pay for the wall by using the National Emergency Declaration. This budget funds a wide range of projects across the United States which are consistently backlogged due to budget constraints.

In 2020 we are looking at seven statewide offices on the ballot, with the possibility that only two will be occupied by incumbents. The Superintendent of Public Instruction and the class 2 Senate seat currently held by Koch Bros Incumbent Steve Daines.

Steve Daines walked into a Senate seat in 2014 in a year marred by the lowest voter turnout since World War II:

On the heels of a drop in voter turnout in the 2012 presidential election, turnout in the 2014 midterm was the lowest since World War II. Just 37% of eligible voters cast ballots, down five points from the 42% of eligible voters who voted in 2010. However, turnout among states varied widely. via

Low voter turnout has always helped Republicans. The Nation

Steve Daines has his chest puffed out like an incumbent, but to look at his record and his current political allegiances and you see a candidate ripe for defeat.

To say that 2020 is going to be absurd would be an understatement. As Democrats, we are lucky enough to have qualified and competent presidential candidates announcing on a weekly basis at this point.

I am excited for Montana’s Governor, Steve Bullock, to join the fray. While some would say that he should aim lower, I am not among those. A successful governor with a Republican legislature the entire time he was in office makes a compelling case for higher office. Though Washington D.C. is not Helena and if Steve Bullock were to pull a Bill Clinton style upset in 2020 he would have a much harder time working with the intransigent and intentionally abusive Republicans in that city that would make the gambits of Matthew Monforton and co. look tame.

Last month Governor Bullock had this to say about the national emergencies facing our country:

Floods in Houston? Emergency. Hurricane in Puerto Rico? Emergency. Fires in California, Oregon and Montana? Emergencies. The situation at the Southern border is not a national emergency. To declare it as such is a dangerous precedent.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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  • Steve Bullock should run to unseat Daines. There are too many high profile Dems already running for President. He could 1st, work to make a name for himself in the Senate, then run for the top spot. He’s a young man with plenty of time.

  • I agree completely with Tracey. Daines needs to be unseated and Bullock is a logical candidate to do so. No hurry for the presidency for Bullock: he is young and would make a great senator.

  • I will third that motion – Steve Bullock is highly intelligent and has served Montana well. We deserve much better representation in the Senate than our current “junior” senator offers. I think he could beat Daines.

    What I am concerned about is where do we find a Democrat to step up and fill Mr. Bullock’s shoes? So far, all kinds of unqualified R’s are looking to run for governor, but no Dems that I know of.

  • Absolutely! Bullock is NOT going to be president. He has no shot. He CAN and should be in Daines’ seat. We desperately, as a state and nation, need him there. Please, Mr. Bullock, do not waste 2020.

  • He should postpone a presidential race. He doesn’t have much of a chance in 2020 but might after he unseats Daines and serves in the Senate for a term.

  • Yes I Agree Please Govenor Steve Bullock Don’t Throw 2020 Away We Desperately Need You To Run For Our Junior Senatorrs Seat Senator Steve Diane’s And For You To Unseat Diane’s Serve A Term In The Senate Make A Name For Yourself In Washington D C As Our Next Montanas Junior Senator Then After A Term In The Senate Run For President Thanks Govenor Steve Bullock

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