Tester Might Learn That You Can’t Win Negotiating With Trump – Bullock Pushes Back on Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Senator Tester fought hard, negotiated in good faith and still Trump is a snake.

The bipartisan deal that Tester helped broker ended up ceding 1.37 billion of our tax dollars to fund some bogus barriers or whatever B.S name they are calling this massive waste of money that keeps the government open while conceding a massive amount of money to Trump and his bogus border BS.

Then, after all of those good faith negotiations, Trump still announces a national emergency. He truly is a snake.

From Senator Tester:

“I’m glad our conference committee did its job and got to work on a funding deal that secures our borders, but just as importantly, secures needed resources for our farmers, businesses, and families.”

The whole point of electing a Democrat and having him in bipartisan negotiations to keep the government open is so that he can represent our values in those meetings. None of us wanted him to concede money to build the BS wall, just so Trump could immediately make a mockery of the whole process and declare an authoritarian national emergency to illegally and unconstitutionally circumvent the separation of powers and steal our tax dollars to, I’d assume from his record, give out huge contracts to his buddies.

I hope Senator Tester denounces this bullsh** national emergency declaration. I figure a real Montanan would know some BS when he stepped so deep into it.

Governor Bullock made an important statement on where our priorities should be focused as a nation and what is and isn’t an emergency.

From Governor Bullock:

Floods in Houston? Emergency.

Hurricane in Puerto Rico? Emergency.

Fires in California, Oregon and Montana? Emergencies.

The situation at the Southern border is not a national emergency. To declare it as such is a dangerous precedent.

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