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Dear Montana Trump Supporters, Let’s Chat

This post is for the Montana residents who still support President Trump and his agenda. This post is for our Representatives at the state level who continue to bring that administration’s ideas into the chambers in Helena. This post is for Greg Gianforte and Steve Daines who continue to pal around with our President and support both his ideals and his agenda.

My goal with this post is to connect with you and have an honest conversation about our future.

I am eager to know where the threshold is for you: where is the line that President Trump must cross for you to no longer endorse, support, or bring his agenda into Montana. What is YOUR red line?

I knew where my line was for President Obama and George Bush (the Bushisms are downright quaint nowadays). I know where that line exists with my Senators and my Representatives. I know the line feels complicated in Virginia and Americans are wrestling with racism and where that line exists for them; who gets to stay in the Virginia government and who should resign (where is the line and when was it crossed?). I know where the line is with my local city and county, and what level of dishonesty/corruption/incompetence I’m willing to stand as a taxpayer and citizen. I know where that line is with my job and my boss. I’m a card-carrying Democrat, but that in no way gives members of my own Party a pass or special treatment — if anything, since I choose association with the organization, I strive to hold them to a higher standard than the average politician. If President Obama had crossed my red line, you would be hard-pressed to get in queue in front of me calling for impeachment or resignation.

None of our elected officials are above the law. No boss is infallible. No one is king.

I know where that line is, and as an informed voter and citizen, I think it’s important that we ALL know what is acceptable and what has crossed that line. 

My question to Trump’s current supporters, to our representatives in Helena who still subscribe to his newsletter, to Gianforte and Daines: where is YOUR LINE?

What crime will Trump have to commit for him to cross your line?

Who around him must be locked up in jail on federal and/or state charges for you to consider that maybe there’s corruption here?

What indictments must be filed that finally cross your line?

What percentage of his campaign team or his administration must be charged that crosses your line?

What crimes must be unearthed?

Is there something he did that we might not know about or is doing that would cross your line? Is it shoot someone? Murder? Kidnapping (seeking asylum is not a crime)?

If Daines, Gianforte, and our other elected officials (legislative, statewide, local) continue to support and enable a corrupt administration that has crossed your line, at what point do they then cross your line? At what point do you no longer trust them to make decisions on our behalf?

If you cannot articulate or don’t know where your line is with Trump, you are not part of a Democratic Republic and you are not supporting a President — you have entered a cult. If there are no crimes he could commit that would sway your support, you are not supporting a President, you are supporting a cult leader.

As more indictments are filed, more former and current Trump associates are escorted to jail, and more financial corruption by Trump’s family is unearthed by the proper authorities through the proper legal channels — it would appear that a certain percentage of Americans (and still a large group of Montanans) needs to assess their boundaries and fealty.

At what point in this dumpster fire will you still be able to crawl out?


If you know where that line is, and Trump just hasn’t gotten there yet, share your line below in the comments (or via email if you’re uncomfortable). And for yourself, know that a line does exist and you are ready to stand with integrity and truth. 

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

About the author

Plains Feminist

Montana and national politics from a Southeastern Montana perspective, focusing on regional activism, womxn’s issues, LGBTQ equality, education, and revitalization of the Montana Democratic Party. Plains Feminist tries (sometimes fruitfully, sometimes not so much) to connect with the hard-working folks who *eek* out a living on the “not mountains” side of the state. Plains Feminist enjoys intellectual banter over coffee or beer preferably after dark. You can reach her at [email protected] or on Twitter @PlainsFeminist.


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  • My line was crossed when he came down the escalator talking about rapists and murderers. And my line exploded when I saw the Billy Bush tape.

    • Making fun of persons with disabilities was … damn … not even something I would tolerate out of a child, let alone an adult. That was hard for me to look passed (it still isn’t illegal), as was his explaining away of Charleston white power demonstrations (still not technically illegal).

      As for legally what I would not have tolerated out of former presidents (post-election): Refusal to divest from financial business decisions, leaking of Israeli intelligence to the Russian delegation in the Oval Office, meeting with foreign leaders (non-friendly) without support and security. (Pre-election): there are serious concerns about his involvement with foreign adversaries and campaign finance violations (of which we already have felony indictments).

      And these are only things we KNOW about.

  • I was never a Trump supporter – the first time he opened his mouth, and every day since then – he has crossed another red line. People need to believe their own eyes and ears – this IS what Trump is, and those who still support his toxic administration are every bit as complicit. I hope that Montanans wake up before it is too late for all of us.

  • Problem is, it is not likely any Trump supporters will take you up on this discussion. I would be surprised if there are any here, though I would like to be proven wrong about that.

  • This is an interesting question . However I question whether most Trump supporters see him as a dumpster fire. His support among Republicans is still like 80 to 90 per cent or whatever.
    If I could speak for Trump voters from reading articles about tax refunds, I would say that getting a huge tax bill instead of a refund has, according to some Trump supporters interviewed, been the line Trump crossed that changed their good opinion of him as their leader. I am not sure what that says about America.

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