Gianforte 2020 Campaign Slogan: FIGHTING FOR MILLIONAIRES! (taxing regular Montanans)

Growing bored of commuting to Washington D.C. in his private plane to lower taxes on himself and other millionaires, Greg Gianforte will be running for Governor in 2020 so he can go to Helena and lower taxes on himself and other mega-millionaires.

All you have to do to understand what Republicans will do in 2021 legislative session if Gianforte is elected governor is look to the terrible bills they are introducing this session like attacking workers (HB323), attacking women, attacking our voting rights (SKEES), and attacking Montanans in their pocketbooks.

The newest scheme by Republicans to fight for millionaires is to lower their taxes and make Montanans foot the bill with a regressive sales tax that Montanans have rejected numerous times by overwhelming majorities.

We all know that Greg Gianforte is on record as stating he thinks that a sales tax is the “ideal solution” in Montana, and as he stated this outside the confines of a campaign it might be one of the most honest statements that he has ever made as a public official.

Montana Republicans Show Priorities: Fighting For Millionaires and Making Real Montanans Foot the Bill

Governor Bullock had this to say about this dubious proposal:

“I stand with the majority of Montanans who have time and time again rejected a statewide sales tax and against this bill that would raise everyday taxes on hard-working Montanans in our state. It’s increasingly clear those in the Republican majority seek to protect the pocketbooks of wealthy property owners and out-of-state millionaires, while sticking Montana residents with the bill. Even further, this proposal could destabilize school district and local government funding and put a giant hole in the state budget.”

Under this new Republican proposal, they plan to raise revenue on you by making Montanans pay more for a new car via sales taxes rather than making the rich pay taxes on their mansions.

I’m glad the Republicans are doing this. It clearly draws the lines of who stands where and what the priorities are of the grossly broken Republican party.

We need these distinctions stated loudly in 2019 and 2020.

Republicans want Montanans to foot the bill for millionaires to use Montana as a playground, a tax-free playground.

Republicans want Montanans to have to pay more for diapers, for Taco Johns and the trucks they drive to work rather than taxing a couple hundred millionaires at a fair rate.



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