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Kudos Tom Woods – Calls Out Gianforte with Bill to Heighten Penalties for Assaulting Reporters

Today Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte delivered a speech to the Montana legislature about something and I am sure it was full of talking points and generalizations. Anyway, the important part of the story, Tom Woods introduced a bill today that would make assaulting a journalist a much more serious crime than just a regular assault.

Tom Woods made national news with this bill, and rightly so.

Read the politico story here: Montana Dems troll Gianforte with journalist assault bill.

Rep. Tom Woods spoke about the bill to Politico:

“I feel pretty strongly that we are seeing an increase in physical and verbal attacks on the press and they need protection,” said state Rep. Tom Woods, who introduced the “Protect the Free Press Act.” “Journalists deliberately create conflict and they do it for us.”

Woods pointed out that the state already has stiffer penalties for assaults against particular groups of people including sports referees ($1,000 maximum fine and up to 6 months in jail) and that the penalty for assaulting journalists should at least exceed that.

Not coincidentally, the bill comes the day that Gianforte is set to speak at the state Capitol, following the state’s two senators who spoke the last few weeks. The congressman, who is considering running for Montana governor in 2020, pleaded guilty in June 2017 to a misdemeanor assault of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs during the congressional special election campaign earlier that year.

Tom Woods has run for Congress as a bold progressive who supports Medicare for All.

Tom Woods has worked hard and been elected to the Montana legislature numerous times.

Tom Woods courageously stands up Greg Gianforte and introduced the best bill of the session. Hands down, this wins the award already.

Kudos! Rep. Tom Woods of Bozeman, keep up the great work!

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