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Who’s Running in 2020? Gianforte/Schweitzer/Skees?

Here’s a hot take that’s been circulating, Greg Gianforte is running for Governor, AGAIN, in 2020. I think he will easily be the Republican nominee with $315 Million dollars to play with in the race the other candidates will have a hard time keeping up. I have seen nothing from his past campaigns to show me that he is not going to buy this primary.

Here’s a hot take that has not been circulating, could Brian Schweitzer be a great candidate for Governor in 2020? Sounds like a smart plan for Democrats to think about. I would love to see him and Gianforte debate. Ol’ “that dog don’t hunt” Schweitzer, Branding Iron Brian taking it to Gianforte? That would not only be entertaining, but it could really be a great way to build a bench that wins for Dems in 2020. Just a thought that popped into my head the other day…my mind wanders.

As to other statewide offices in Montana, here are my thoughts:

Al Olszewski will be running for Auditor. He has been positioning himself to fill Rosendale’s shoes when Rosendale runs for Congress in 2020.

Derek Skees will run for Secretary of State. Skees has been a fan of making it hard to vote, he has made this very clear and his failed auditor race in 2012 shows he has ambitions for higher office.

Jesus that is scary to think about.

Elsie Arntzen will be the one holdover who runs again at OPI. Yikes, perhaps Montanans could choose someone who can speak in complete sentences to lead the organization tasked with teaching our children? Just a thought.

That leaves Kris Hansen for attorney general. She has been placing her name in a lot of press releases from Rosendale of late, she does legal work in his office, of poor quality, that is detrimental to Montanans and she has made the office a terrible work environment, according to my sources in the office.
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  • As much as I would like to see Schweitzer again as Governor, isn’t he term limited out for a while, I think it’s two terms with a 16 year period?

    • Schweitzer is eligible to run as of 2020. No one may serve as Montana’s governor for more than 8 of any 16 years; Steve Bullock will have been governor for 8 years so a Schweitzer run is constitutional.

  • I would like to see Tester test the waters for the presidency. I’ve seen him go after folks in committee hearings and he suffers no fools. He knows his job, is earnest and believes that he represents all the people. I would respect that he would think it’s probably the last thing in the world a level headed person with common sense like him would consider, but we need to bring sanity and honor back to this country and boy would I like to see him go for it.

      • Wonder what Mr. Tester thinks? He’s probably already sick of the Washington bs. That kind of nasty is debilitating. And he’s probably been too long from home and farm. Can’t imagine having to fly back and forth from DC to Montana every week. Imagine his family would like him to stay home or at least closer. I think most of us forget the real costs of being a representative of the people when they have the best of intentions.

  • Tester or Schweitzer are the only two democrats that can win against Gianforte in 2020. As stated Gianforte’s money will beat Fox in GOP primary. Montana does not have a resign to run law so Tester could run but the democrat party would have to convince him and he would sure get a lot of flake running 2 years into his 3rd term. But God help us if Gianforte gets elected with the GOP controlling both house of the legislature. Ever wacko right wing bill would become law, Gianforte can’t do much harm in DC but in Helena he would be turning the clock back not to the 50’s but more like a hundred years. I doubt Schweitzer runs. The only real hope is for the democrats to get control of one of the houses of legislature but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that.

  • It would be difficult for Schweitzer to get ANY support from the Montana’s unions after what he did when he screwed over all the miners and their families at Stillwater. Families were destroyed because of his greedy anti-labor anti-worker stunt. Selling out union workers for selfish greed and personal gain does not get you union support.

  • Given her background, I think Rep. Laurie Bishop (D-Livingston) would be a good candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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