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Montana Papers Full of Letters Speaking Out Against Gianforte/Daines Shutdown

The coverage of the damage being done by the government shutdown is frightening. Montanans are standing up and speaking out against the shutdown that our Senator Steve Daines supports. This is Steve Daines shutdown it is Congressman Greg Gianforte’s Shutdown. They are guilty and Montanans must hold them accountable. We need rallies, we need protests at their offices, Montanans must be heard!

The Missoulian covered wildland firefighters furloughed from their jobs with the U.S. Forest Service who were holding a yard sale this weekend to raise money to make ends meet. Very terrible that they had to do this.

The shutdown, which entered its 23rd day Sunday and became the longest shutdown in U.S. history at the start of the weekend, hit another milestone at the end of the last week: the first missed paycheck for the federal workers who’ve been told they must stay home.

Here are some letters from Montanans speaking out about the longest shutdown ever.

Very compelling reading.

Daines must help stop shutdown via the Billings Gazette

Sen. Daines, tourists are not going to visit Montana if the parks are closed and the airports are in turmoil because TSA agents understandably are not going to work because they are not being paid. Families planning their upcoming vacations are not going to come to Montana when your president tells the nation repeatedly that this shutdown “could last for many, many months, maybe even years.”

Daines represents Montana — not Mitch McConnell, not Kentucky, not the Republican Party and not the Trump family. While we urgently need Daines’ leadership on this issue, your silence has been deafening.

Daines, Gianforte putting party ahead of country via the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

As an independent I find it interesting that Sen. Steve Daines and Congressman Greg Giantforte were just fine with funding the government and providing $1.3 billion for border security a few weeks ago, but when Hannity and Limbaugh told Trump to change directions, Daines and Gianforte also changed directions. This clearly shows that these two politicians put party ahead of Montana and country.

Most Montanans agree that the government should not be closed, and that a 1,900-mile wall (that Mexico is not going to pay for) is not the most cost-effective means to achieve border security. We need flexibility — a variety of techniques: barriers, drones, infrared technology, increased border patrol — all strategically focused. Daines and Giantforte apparently would follow Trump over a cliff, rather than use their own brains to help solve our nation’s problems.

Federal shutdown delays writer’s business via the Billings Gazette

When I endeavored to introduce my book on Amazon Kindle, I was informed that I needed a Federal Tax ID Number before Amazon could pay royalties to me. My CPA informed me, “That’s not going to happen, because of the government shutdown.” In these times, an author needs to be on Amazon, if he wants to sell books.

This unnecessary, silly gov’t shutdown is because Sir Donald, of Orange, wants a medieval wall on our southern border. Security technology has advanced significantly since the time of the Crusades!

Reopen our government via the Billings Gazette

“Politics is not about ideological purity or moral self-righteousness. It is about governing. If a politician cannot compromise, he cannot govern effectively.”

Swallow your pride, reach across the aisle, achieve agreement and open the government. That is what real leadership is.

Unpaid workers via the Billings Gazette

In a democracy how can we require people to work without pay?

Get Our Government Operating Again via Kalispell’s Daily Inter Lake

Can our representatives, (Senators Daines and Tester and Representative Gianforte) believe we, the voters, are too stupid to understand. Or are they too wrapped up in their own short-sighted re-election needs?

Trump a poor leader, creates ‘crisis,’ to compensate via the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Trump has manufactured a national crisis to further tighten his stranglehold on the nation and to distract the public from the turmoil in the White House. He cannot lead effectively so he is resorting to strong-arm tactics.

While our national parks and forests remain unstaffed and are getting trashed and closed, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are out of work. Yet the Department of Interior is still selling oil and gas leases on public land.

How long will America tolerate Trump’s lies? via the Helena IR

Donald Trump told House and Senate leaders he would support a continuing resolution to keep the government open until February. He lied. He then said he would proudly wear the mantle of responsibility for the shutdown. He lied. Then he said he would not blame the Democrats for the shutdown. He lied. Then, after disrespecting our fallen warriors by not appearing at memorials in Europe and the United States, our president finally traveled to Iraq to see our troops. In doing so he showed total disrespect for the Iraqi government. While there, in yet another endless campaign rally, he again blamed Democrats for the lack of a border wall. The wall he promised Mexico would pay for, and which he failed to build despite majorities in both chambers. He lied again. And then he lied further when he told our troops they had not had a raise in 10 years. Our commander in chief lied on saying he secured our troops a 10 percent pay raise. It was 2.6 percent this year and Congress provided for it. How much more of this will the GOP of Honest Abe tolerate? How much more will America tolerate?

Politicians must work across the aisle via the Helena IR

I feel that we can accomplish this if we truly put time and effort into at least an attempt to work across the aisle. We can’t afford the current stalemate that has dominated our politics as of late. There are no easy or simplistic answers, only hard work and cooperation can ever hope to move us forward in the future.

Shutdown threats hurt government productivity via the Helena IR

Ask yourself how productive you would be at your workplace if you didn’t know day to day if your work will be open. Using this tactic to get your legislative priorities passed is bad for employees, bad for the public and a big waste of time and your tax dollars. President Trump has used this approach over 20 times in the past two years. I encourage you to let your representatives and president know that they need to settle their differences of opinions in a more constructive way. Threat of a government shutdown comes across as more of a child’s tantrum rather than good governance.

U.S. Senate refusing to follow regular order via the Helena IR

This is merely political posturing, it is not doing the work we elected you to do.

All America is best served when both houses of the legislature follow regular order.

Trump’s lying is trickling down via the Helena IR

It is bad enough that Mr. Trump lies all the time. Now the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, lies. How do you have the nerve to now say the partial government shutdown is the Democrats’ fault? Maybe you have memory issues. I can’t wait to hear how you spin your statement.

I am so sick of the gutless Republicans that won’t stand up to Mr. Trump. Please leave the lying to the liar-in-chief.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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