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Another Day, Another Bit of Light Insurrection Advocacy from Jennifer Fielder

I’ve given up any hope that the mainstream press in Montana will ask the leadership of the Montana GOP why it not only tolerates but promotes, the secessionist tendencies of many of its members, but it’s hard not to call attention to the latest Facebook post by Senator Jennifer Fielder, in which the Thompson Falls Republican suggests that policy disagreements between Republicans and Democrats might be cause for a civil war.


I’m past the point of assuming that we should ignore Facebook posts like these for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, Fielder has long had ties to the militia movement, having served on the Board of Directors for the Sanders County Natural Resource Council, an innocuous name for the Militia of Montana. From High Country News in 2016:

Fielder is vice chair of the Montana Republican Party and has served as a board member of the Sanders Natural Resources Council, a county natural resources advisory committee that has backed county “coordination” and local authority over federal lands. John Trochmann, founder of the anti-government Militia of Montana, which has ties to white-supremacist groups, started the council in 2006, according to a 2012 Montana Human Rights Network report.

Fielder has also been a vocal supporter of anti-government forces across the West as we have repeatedly documented here.

The other reason it matters is that Fielder is helping to radicalize a group of people already predisposed to violent rhetoric. The comments on her posts are often calls for violence and worse, ranging on this post from “The disarmament fuse isn’t nearly as short on this powderkeg as is the “eliminate the electoral college” fuse….” to “it’s time to gear up for war against the Libs.” Almost every anti-government, anti-science, or anti-public lands post on Fielder’s Facebook includes evidence of the rage she is stoking with her intemperate and inappropriate remarks, the kind of comments that are unbefitting a member of a legislative body.

When one party’s leadership has given itself over to those who support violence against federal law enforcement, cheer insurrectionists, and call for a little light treason against the United States, isn’t it time for some hard questions for a party that would make someone like Fielder a national delegate and leader in the Legislature?

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  • I find it so strange that Fielder subscribes to and advocates for, secessionist anti-government policies, from the very government she is a part of. “Elect me to an office I want to disband or shatter with violence” seems like the worst campaign platform I’ve ever heard. I find her calls for violence even more strange after she insisted on special security during the Public Lands Rally. Sounds like projection to me.

    Want to destroy government?
    Want to go to war with the other political party in Montana?
    Perhaps public service and elected office aren’t for you, Ms. Fielder.

  • From 1860 to 1862, Montana was settled by southerners & border-states southern sympathizers who could count. They understood the manufacturing & population disparity between the slave states and the non-slave states, and so knew the final outcome would favor “the north”. The illiterate rubes who stayed to fight for the slave- & slavery favoring states, believing demagoguery could nullify the north’s advantages got an arithmetic lesson from Abraham Lincoln, via P Sherman & W T Sheridan. Still mouthing Dixie Demagoguery, the rubes moved north to escape starvation, still believing that inflammatory dogma repeated endlessly will become valid. Jennifer is one of the off springs of this “philosophy”: an impotent minority mouthing secessionist threats to overwhelming power. The same arithmetic lesson is still available to Jennifer and to Fox News.

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