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Firefighters Call for End to Daines Shutdown

Montana wildland firefighters are selling their clothes to make ends meet during the government shutdown that Montana’s junior Senator Steve Daines supports.

You read that right, the Missoulian reported that furloughed U.S. Forest Service workers held a yard sale this weekend to raise money to make ends meet. Though the yard sale looks to have been a rally against the shutdown as well. The firefighters want to get back to work, so they can do their job protecting Montana, and they need their paychecks to survive.

The Missoulian reported:

Benji Hegg said ordinarily he would be spending the first few weeks of a new year in his office with the U.S. Forest Service.

“This time in January, we are focused on getting people hired, getting seasonal employees lined up and making sure we have firefighting crews figured out for the summer,”

“It’s more like a family, we take care of each other,” he said. “With the signs, we’ve had about 50 people so far this morning driving by honking and waving. Seems like it’s working.”

Montana State Senator Nate McConnell posted this tweet about the rally and yard sale:

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  • Just received a response from Dunce’s office that he was saddened that the vote for multi-billion dollar wall had been defeated and that we NEED that wall for security. So, as of now, Dunce stands with the traitors in the Republican Party, refusing to do what’s right for the people of this state. He never speaks about a wall on the Northern border which we’re lots closer to. Not that I want one, you understand. He’s just another minion of the Idiot-in-Chief, and will do and vote the way they tell him.

  • Remember where Daines was on the Fourth of July? Moscow not Butte. He has consistently shown us whose side he’s on. Russia, the NRA, Trump and his money. Not much room for Montana there.

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