Anti-Public Lands Advocate Jennifer Fielder Shows Her Contempt for Constituents at the Legislature Today

Today, as thousands of Montanans gathered at the State Capitol to rally for the public lands we cherish, State Senator Jennifer Fielder was insulting them. While she edited an earlier statement referring to a “rabble” of people at the Capitol for today’s rally, she continued to insult them by suggesting that she needed a security detail because Montanans were out to express their passion for public lands.

From her Facebook feed:

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 3.46.15 PM.png

Fielder should be ashamed of herself. That’s not legislators conduct themselves in the People’s House and it’s not how a person entrusted to represent the people of our state should depict them. The hunters, hikers, and anglers who came to Helena today came to celebrate our public lands and to remind the Legislature that the people of Montana will not abide a threat to our way of life. To suggest their presence demands a security detail betrays a contempt for the Montanans out to petition their government, an act that should be applauded.

What really needs protection, of course, are our public lands–from the likes of people like Senator Fielder, who heads an organization committed to turning our public lands over to developers and multinational corporations. In that line of work, it’s easy to see why Fielder would see the need to lie.

It’s just damn disappointing that she’d insult the good people of our state to do it.

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