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Shutdown Gianforte Doesn’t Want You to get Your Tax Return

W-2’s go out soon as Montanans will start preparing their taxes. For many this time of year is a delight as the tax return is a nice little post-Christmas bonus for many Montana working families.

It seems that the Republicans in Congress, joined by Greg Gianforte, could not even bring themselves to vote yes to open the U.S. Treasury and IRS to ensure all Americans can get back from Donald Trump the few dollars he has not flushed on his tax scam giveaway to corporations and billionaires.

Considering that Greg Gianforte will soon be a candidate for Governor it is odd that he would kick off his attempts to lose that office again by screwing Montanans out of their hard-earned money, but I guess as a guy who built a school that discriminates against disabled children and blocked access to Montana public lands doesn’t really care what Montanans think. I’m sure he assumes he can just buy the race.

Roll call vote on funding the U.S Treasury and IRS to ensure Americans get their tax returns:

As reported by NBC in this tweet:

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