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Shutdown Steve Daines is Hurting Montanans

As Pete Talbot reported, both Montana’s junior Senator Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte voted to shut the government down. This is merely a publicity stunt, a pr tactic, a government in shambles over the whims of a President who is losing his grip on power and maybe even reality.

This is the 3rd major shutdown in the last 6 years while Steve Daines has held elected office, 2013, 2018 and this one.

As The Montana Post reported:

It’s time to destroy the various myths surrounding government shutdowns that try to paint them as “no big deal” for citizens. Steve Daines voting again to shut down the government should come as no surprise to Montanans, yet we seem to have a short memory for his anti-Montana moments. Harken back to his days as a Frosh Rep in the House in 2013 when he eagerly signed onto the “suicide caucus” to shut down the government — an economic loss to Montana to the tune of over $20 million (check out this assessment of the 2013 damage). Come the next election, we forgot about his fiscally disastrous “caucus” choice and elected him to the Senate.

This government shutdown isn’t a political football. These politicians have one job. Make the government function. These intentional attempts at sabotage and this tactic are straight out of a terrorist’s playbook. Don’t get what you want? Then blow the whole process up.

While politics is the art of brinksmanship, Sen. Daines following the lead of DC Republicans has gone over the edge and Senator Steve Daines is responsible for this Shutdown.

The New York Times reports:

The effects of a prolonged shutdown have some Wall Street economists predicting a hit to the United States economy.

Just a few facts on this shutdown and all it is harming. Montana has the 3rd highest per capita number of workers being furloughed because of this government shutdown, according to the Washington Post:

Many Montana federal workers are not being paid this month because of Steve Daines.

Even more frightening, Montana Native Americans are disproportionately impacted by this shutdown as the New York Times reports:

Shutdown Leaves Food, Medicine and Pay in Doubt in Indian Country

The Interior Department’s Indian Affairs bureau provides basic services to about 1.9 million American Indians and Alaska Natives, often by funneling funds to the tribes to administer the services themselves or by employing federal workers to run the programs. This means that services from law enforcement to tribal courts, disaster relief and road maintenance are often completed by tribal employees whose salaries rely on federal funding — or by federal workers, some of whom are tribal citizens.

CNBC reports that federal workers are having trouble paying for medicine such as insulin, rent and basic items like food.

He can’t pick up his insulin because of the government shutdown. How workers are hurting

These harms are frightening and sad to see because they could be easily stopped if Shutdown Steve Daines voted to re-open the government. This is in the best interests of Montana, but he doesn’t care about Montana, he cares about marching orders from Mitch McConnell.

The shutdown is growing so long and so dangerous that TSA workers at airports, who are required to work without pay, have started calling in sick.

Will we see a terrorist attack because Steve Daines can’t figure out how to go against the leaders of the glorious Republican party?

Because Steve Daines is not a leader federal workers are going without food and medicine. Many Native Americans don’t have access to healthcare because of Steve Daines and Senate Republicans.

Montana workers go without pay because of Steve Daines!

Flying Will Become More Dangerous As Government Shutdown Continues, Airline Pilots Warn:

The air-transport system on which America depends is also feeling the pinch. On Wednesday, the Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) sent a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to end the shutdown.

“I am writing to urge you to take the necessary steps to immediately end the shutdown of government agencies that is adversely affecting the safety, security, and efficiency of our national airspace system,” Captain Joe DePete, the president of the ALPA, said in the letter.

The union, which represents 61,000 pilots flying for airlines such as Delta, United, JetBlue, and Alaska Air, is concerned that the lack of working inspectors and regulators could compromise the safety of air travel in the US.

Do your job Senator Daines, end the shutdown.

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  • I totally agree with this opinion. Instead of his calling for “funds for volunteers” to clean up the parks and monuments, he should be getting off his duff and voting to get the government running again. I have to wonder what he intends to do with these “funds” should he receive them, since it’s alway been my understanding that volunteers work for free. Aside from that, do we really want a bunch of neophytes poking around our national monuments and parks? Daines’s idea to help with the problem would only create more problems. He and the rest of the GOP need to grow a pair ( I can say that because of the dearth of women among them), kick McConnell out, tell #45 to go piss up a rope, and get this country moving again.

  • There was a time when the US Senate proudly called itself “the greatest deliberative body” on Earth. Unable to compromise or share governing power, the majority of the US Senate has become pawns in a game of chicken which damages innocent people who have no role in the decision-making (or non-decision-making). The Senate is no longer a deliberative body, it is a group of people who play power politics because the means of governing has escaped them. These are not men and women who stand for anything–how can you stand for anything when you are sitting on your hands with your mouth closed?

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