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Shutdown Steve Daines Hasn’t Held a Town Hall in Over 1000 Days

Billboard seen in Great Falls

According to Senator Steve Daines own admission(and the reporting of the Helena IR) the last time Sen. Daines held an event billed as a town hall was…….1024 days ago. #WheresDaines

From this Helena IR article of March 19, 2017

(Calculation of how many days ago 3/21/16 was:

That’s 34 months or 25,000 hours or around 1.5 MILLION minutes have gone by since Montanans have had the opportunity to attend a public event with Montana’s junior Senator Steve “Shutdown” Daines.

I asked last July whether Steve Daines had met more recently with Russians or Montanans? He met with Russians about 150 days ago, Montanans over 1,000 days ago.

Pay attention Senator, Montanans demand access to their elected officials, not because it’s easy for them to give us access, but because IT IS HARD. We are not easy on our politicians, we want to know who they are, what they’ve been up to and what they plan to deliver for us in the future.

The Montana Post broke the story seen in this exclusive video where a Montana voter asks Senator Daines at an airport: “Why Won’t You Hold Town Halls?”

All Montanans genuinely hope that Senator Daines listens to the will of the majority and acts on the best interests of Montanans. We hope that he doesn’t vote the party line, as no Montana Senator has ever done. I cannot name one Montana Senator who put party over the people of Montana.

Sadly, In the future what it looks like we can expect from Steve Daines is more shutdowns, more talking points, more partisan pandering to the racist in the White House, and more invites to telephone conference calls with our junior Senator.

We need to recruit a candidate that can run against Steve Daines, a candidate who represents our values. This candidate must support healthcare for every America. Montana needs a Senator who supports the Green new deal and a livable wage. They need this right now.

What Montanans MUST demand is more access to their junior Senator, honest representation and delivery of the policies we need to survive and prosper in 2019.

How’s that for some New Year’s resolutions, junior?

Last year Daines did hold an event in Missoula at Big Sky Brewing that many thought was an opportunity to engage with Senator Daines, face to face. Those constituents were wrong. As Martin Kidston reported in the Missoula Current:

Sen. Steve Daines stopped in Missoula for a quick tour of the Big Sky Brewing facility on Wednesday, where he declined to meet with the two-dozen people who had gathered to participate in what the senator’s office had billed as a meeting with “local officials, community leaders and constituents.

Daines arrived early and privately toured the brewing plant before leaving through the back door, bypassing those who believed the senator would be meeting with them in an open forum.

I was under the impression we were going to get to meet with him today, per the press release he sent out inviting conversation with his constituents,” said Missoula City Council member Julie Merritt. “That’s obviously being declined. I just saw him get in the car and drive away as he sneaked out the back door.”


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