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Trump Forces Corrupt, Scandal-Ridden Zinke Out

As I predicted yesterday, Donald Trump has cut loose one of the major liabilities of his administration. The corrupt, self-dealing, Scandal-Ridden, narcissistic moron that is Ryan Zinke.

The White House reporter for the Washington Post, Josh Dawsey stated:

White House pushed Zinke to quit for weeks and told him he would be fired if he did not. He was viewed as big issue w/Democrats taking House. But he wanted to have his Christmas party Thursday night, where he invited activists, lobbyists, donors and more.


Ryan Zinke stumbling about as Secretary of the Interior for the last two years has brought great shame to Montana. He and Greg Gianforte have led the onslaught to make Montanans look terrible.

In 2020, we’ll cast off Gianforte and Daines and Ryan Zinke’s hopes for future elected office have been dashed against the rocks of the D.C. swamp and his own incompetence and penchant for self-dealing.


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Nathan Kosted

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