Trump to Fire Ryan Zinke Soon

In a headline that you will be seeing in the next few weeks, Ryan Zinke will be canned as Secretary of the Interior for his corruption, self-dealing and his endless attacks on our public lands.

Just look at this side-by-side comparison of the indiscretions of fired EPA chief Scott Pruitt and soon to be fired Zinke:

It will be a surprise to no one when Zinke is fired. But, it will also be a smart move for Zinke as he looks ahead to future attempts at elected office, like possibly running for Governor of California or possibly even Montana.

If he gets canned before the new Congress can fully investigate his leadership of the Department of the Interior he may save himself some heartache, some records coming out that he wants to hide and shoot, he may just save himself from prosecution.

That’s right, Zinke has put his fingers in too many pies and it’s obvious that he has broken too many laws in his slipshod year and a half at Interior.

Just yesterday Zinke was aided in his packing efforts as he heads out of town:

It’s no secret, @SecretaryZinke;s days at @Interior are numbered. To help pack up his scandal-plagued tenure and send him on his way, local activists were around DC with a decked-out #movingtruck. Packing up all those secret documents and FOIA requests on his way outta town!

Ryan Zinke has stated numerous times that he will not sell our public lands, our treasured gems of the west, yet time and time again he has attempted to find ways to sell our public lands.

Zinke was caught again just today in an expose trying to sell our public lands to polluters. According to the expose:

This is at least the third time the BLM has eyed selling federal land under Zinke’s watch.

That’s right Ryan Zinke is selling your public lands and lying about it. It’s time for him to go.

I think your moving truck is packed, Secretary Zinke. Have a safe trip home back to Santa Barbara.

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