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BREAKING: Establishment to Name Monica Lindeen as New MT Dem Party ED, Will She Finally Make Party Progressive?

In a move that will be interpreted in many different ways, by many different people the Montana Democratic Party will announce next week who will be the new executive director of the party. Monica Lindeen is one of the strongest candidates, among many strong candidates.

Lindeen is a successful businessperson, as well as successful politician, twice holding statewide office as State Auditor as well as being a state legislator from Billings for many years.

I truly like Monica Lindeen. She is warm, funny and kind with a huge skillset and great mind. Her husband is one of the best spouses in politics too, just a great guy.

Monica did great work at the Auditor’s office, which is more than obvious now that Matt Rosendale has mothballed the office and turned it into his permanent campaign HQ.

Monica will have a tough job ahead of her. The Montana Democratic Party needs to recruit and train candidates for every statewide office in 2020. It needs to fight back to take the legislature by recruiting and training legislative candidates in every corner of Montana and it needs to work with the County Central Committees, empowering them and giving them the tools to succeed.

That being said, the move to hire Monica Lindeen, rather than bring in a young political operative is an odd move for a party that needs to energize the base and fundraise to try and keep up with the Republican dark money Koch Brothers funded machine.

She did beat Derek Skees in a statewide election in 2012, so she does know how to fight back against the onslaught of insanity currently pervading politics.

Can Monica Lindeen deliver a progressive party for Montanans? Can she build a strong party operation that helps us win up and down the ticket in 2020? I truly hope so and I wish Monica all the best in her efforts.



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