Yes, Virginia, Ryan Zinke is Santa Claus

Ryan Zinke posting pictures of Ryan Zinke as the angel at the top of a Christmas tree and pictures of Ryan Zinke as dear leader on the mantel over a fake fireplace.

Yes, we continue to be amazed every day at the levels of narcissism Ryan Zinke can show. For a person who has only ever one a congressional race he acts as if he is the dictator of Department of the Interior, not a political appointee of a corrupt tinpot dictator.

Watching Ryan Zinke on twitter is like witnessing the vanity of a teenager, but much more frightening as he has a whole cabinet department putting up christmas decorations to attempt to sate his bottomless ego.

What a great use of taxpayer dollars!

Zinke wouldn’t want to fill FOIA requests in his spare time, he has his staff building monuments to him instead.

What a time to be alive!


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