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Daines Denies Vote to Protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Yesterday, Junior Senator Steve Daines helped deny a vote in the U.S. Senate to protect the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

Daines’ blindly follows Mitch McConnell who has refused yet again to bring this bipartisan legislation to the Senate Floor. The legislation has already been passed out of committee on a bipartisan vote, yet Mitch McConnell will not bring it to the Senate Floor for a full vote. Not once has Senator Daines rebuked his party boss and called on McConnell to bring this legislation to the floor.

When McConnell refused yesterday to allow a vote on the bipartisan bill to protect the Special Counsel’s investigation, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake made a call on the Senate Floor to bring this legislation to a vote, but this would require unanimous consent by the Senate body. Daines’ good buddy, and fellow public lands transfer advocate Senator Mike Lee of Utah, objected to the call.

Daines and Senator Lee spent a good deal of time in Montana campaigning for Matt Rosendale and supporting the transfer of public lands to corporate interests.

This vote by Senator Daines will be an important one to remember in the days ahead as the corruption of the Administration is exposed further and further and the work of the Special Counsel becomes more important.

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  • He did decide to spend the 4th of July with vladie and friends in Russia, remember? Why would we expect anything different ? This is exactly what I expected from him.

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