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NBC Montana(KTVM, KECI, KFCW, KDBZ) Airs Clip Supporting Use of Tear Gas on Asylum Seekers

NBC Montana aired a clip defending President Trump’s use of tear gas against asylum seekers at the border.

NBC Montana aired a segment on its channels all over Montana calling the use of tear gas at the border by President Trump justified against asylum seekers. These exhausted people who had just walked hundreds of miles are allowed under United States law to apply for asylum at the border.

The hyper-partisan screed has no place on a news channel as it personally called out African-American Congresswomen Maxine Waters and “the left” for even questioning President Trump.

Yes, a news station, in Montana aired a segment that called out politicians for questioning the President’s use of force against asylum seekers. This is not news. This is not ok and this must stop.

Discussion all over the internet has started about boycotting Sinclair stations including NBC Montana.

The hypocrisy that Russian immigrant Boris Epshteyn delivered this disgusting rant was not mentioned. The man who delivered the opinion is a migrant himself.

Montanans should be surprised that these local stations chose to air these blatantly partisan and non-news segments.

NBC Montana can do better and must do better.

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    • Since the “ex president” did nothing of the sort, EVER, there was no such reaction.

      What is your reaction when you see this so-called president, every time he gets caught doing something obscenely wrong, falsely claim that his predecessor did it first? A nine-year-old bully on the playground knows he won’t get away with something that stupid.

      President Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize for being NOT G W Bush. Trumpsky’s successor will probably be canonized during the inauguration ceremony. And, you know the attendance at that ceremony will be easily twice as many as in 2016.

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