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Poll: Who Will Be the Republican Nominee for Governor in 2020?

Editor’s Note: Corey Stapleton was included only for the humor value of his inclusion.

Who Will Be the Republican Nominee for Governor in 2020

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  • The poll results are not surprising to me; both Zinke and Stapleton have gained no admirers in their current jobs; Rosendale isn’t much better, but oh! how Fox has been preening his resume with soft answers on strongly-held beliefs of the Re-puglicans. He’s definitely getting himself in order for this job. How I wish there were no such thing as term limits — I could go on with Bullock for the foreseeable future but for the short-sighted legislation which wants to do our work for us.

  • I think the odds strongly favor Tim Fox as the most likely candidate, but I can’t help feeling a little twinge of wistfulness at the thought of Art Wittich on the ballot. The prospects of graft, corruption, bizarre violations of campaign finance regulation, and indignant claims of “fake news”, “left-wing conspiracy”, and “liberal vendetta” would provide endless entertainment for inquiring minds. Sort of on the order of beating your head against the wall because it feels so good when you stop.

  • If Tim Fox remains healthy, he’s definitely the front runner. If not, it could be a a slug fest, with all sorts of bad actors in the mix: Stapleton, Rosendale, Zinke…

  • “You left us with a short bench of short distance runners who blemished the GOP brand. Senator Llew Jones, or Senator Ed Buttrey, as a placeholder for the USA Senate would not have dirtied our brand.”

    “Given forward chances of impeachment by the people’s House, and/or a market crash, we may not want a K-bros donor network positioned individual as the 2020 GOP candidate for Governor.”

    “Given chance of more blue wave, we need GOP gubernatorial candidates than will capture independents plus moderate Democrats.”

    Myself, I sincerely hope that new wave Republicans in Montana are thinking well beyond the above hypotheticals!

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