Protect Our Winters, Protect our Democracy

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Written by Conrad Anker:

I’m Conrad Anker and I approve this message.

In 2016 I posted my views on the US election and was quickly reminded to “stick to climbing”. Not wanting to accelerate the toxicity of online conversation (call it bullying if you like) I returned to landscapes, adventure and the standard FOMO content you have thumbed through till you landed here.

As a citizen of the United States the values our nation are founded on are dear to me. I came of age during the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War. Our nation, to a degree, had come to terms with its history. Based on the values of free speech and equality, all are (in theory) welcome to the pursuit of happiness.

Since the election of President Trump the values of our country have been compromised. The honor and integrity of our nation’s highest office don’t effuse chivalry and courtesy. It has become a pulpit for an unprecedented quest for power. President Trump stokes this fire of power by marginalizing minorities. In doing so he creates strife and discord. The Native American, African American, Hispanic, Muslim and LGBTQ communities have been subject to derision and insult. Women, from all walks of life, have felt the brunt of this narcissistic man’s ire. This is not how I ever expected a President to behave.

Public lands, health care and climate are three areas that this generation can act on for the benefit of future generations. Given this opportunity for legacy, President Trump has instead focused on short-term results that benefit the wealthiest 1% and special interest groups.

President Trump and the complicit Republican Party have taken the moral compass of our nation and spun it towards greed and avarice. Candidate Rosendale is basing his campaign on allegiance to President Trump. This is not a platform that works for me.

By contrast @jontester is a farmer from Big Sandy and is a centrist, having bills signed by President Trump. Tester represents Montana.

I’m Conrad Anker and these are my opinions.

@pow_action_fund #dropinandvote #yourvoicematters

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