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FAKE NEWS! Libertarian Endorses No one

It looks like Montana reporters have fallen for #FakeNews and a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. has amplified this lie. The lie that the libertarian endorsed anyone in the Senate Race.

Libertarian candidate for Senate Rick Breckinridge has stated he is not supporting anyone but himself in the race for the U.S. Senate seat in Montana

From this article in Reason entitled:

Despite Donald Trump Jr. Retweet, Libertarian Senate Candidate Rick Breckenridge Did Not Drop Out

Montana L.P. candidate Rick Breckenridge says he was misinterpreted by a reporter:

“No, I am not dropping out” Breckenridge says, though he grants he used the word “endorse” to reporters regarding Rosendale over Tester, but only on the issue of rooting out dark money, which this anonymous mailer has now made personal to him.

“I live here, these people are my neighbors, people I have to do business with.” Breckenridge says he doesn’t want voters thinking he actually supported something he sees as an unsavory direct public attack on his political opponents, neither of whom he views as an enemy, and both of whom he agrees with on certain issues.

Breckenridge admits that he is likely to only get 2-3 percent of the vote, but he’s proud of how much traction he’s gotten, despite having raised, he says, only around $3,000 in campaign funds.

But he stresses this morning he is still running and wants people to vote for him. “I did not say ‘do not vote for me, vote for Matt.’ I’m a Libertarian through and through, I’m not a Republican. I’m not going to be campaigning for [Rosendale], won’t be on stage with” him. He characterizes his statement about Rosendale regarding dark money as “an issue bigger than my candidacy, and I had to do something from a citizen standpoint.”

Official word from Francis Wendt, current Chair of the Montana Libertarian Party.

Of course Tom Lutey is amplifying this fake news. This is typical Lutey, trying to tip the scales in the favor of Republicans as he did last spring when he helped Greg Gianforte defeat Rob Quist with a series of exposes on the musician Quist, while leaving the hate group supporting Gianforte alone.

Tom Lutey has compromised himself with this open partisanship. Lutey’s bias distracts from his stories and the Billings Gazette will be facing a backlash from its readers if he continues to use the largest newspaper in the state to push his political views.

Tom Lutey is actively working to push this conspiracy theory to tip the scales in the favor of Rosendale. Surprise, surprise, everyone knew this was coming. From a Tom Lutey interaction with Phil Drake on Twitter.

Montana reporters have a duty to retract this fake news and not influence this election for the sake of click bait stories that are not true. Phil Drake can do better. Tom Lutey can’t, he is a bad actor and should start a blog if he wants to openly discuss his political opinions or the Billings Gazette needs to give Don Pogreba a column to match Lutey’s biased ones. I bet Pogie would outperform Lutey in clicks any day of the week.

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