Matt Rosendale Claimed ANOTHER Maryland Tax Break Using the Same Form He Used in 2015

UNITED STATES - August 29: Matt Rosendale (R) Montana during an interview at Roll Call in Washington, D.C. (Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

One of the stories that vanished far too quickly during this election cycle, no doubt drowned out by the sea of scandals surrounding Matt Rosendale, was that he, only three years ago, under penalty of perjury, signed a document saying he was a Maryland resident in order to get a tax break.

Realizing it wasn’t a good look, Rosendale sprung into action, blaming his title company for the “mistake.”

His other excuse was that the tax break was still allowed since he took a loss on the sale of the property. Rosendale was never questioned on that point and  it turns out it wasn’t true:

Montana Senate candidate Matt Rosendale made roughly $500,000 from the sale of his Maryland home he claimed on his federal taxes was sold at a loss, according to records reviewed by the American Ledger.

If we put aside that Rosendale took at advantage of a tax break and then lied about the benefit he received, the most interesting detail left is that Rosendale kept claiming that he wasn’t responsible. And that he didn’t even know what he was signing.

That claim was central to his defense.

Well, guess what? He had signed the exact same document just a few years before.

In 2006, Rosendale signed a certificate of exemption so his company, MBA Consultants, could avoid paying Maryland taxes on the sale of a $1.3 million property on Kent Island. He claimed an exemption because MBA Consultants was a “resident entity.”

In other words, the same exact tax break he sought nine years later, when he filled out a similar document under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident, at the same time he was serving in the Montana legislature.

So, did he really not know what he was signing when he filled out that document in 2015? At some point, Matt Rosendale needs to take personal responsibility for his actions, instead of just dumping the blame on someone else.

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  • Great job! Where is the rest of the Montana “main stream” media on any of these issues surrounding sleazy Matt Rosendale? Sucking up to the monied candidates as they did with Gianforte?
    And why isn’t anyone complaining about the President’s spending Montana taxpayers’ dollars to carry out a grudge?

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