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This is Not Who We Are: The Case Against Violent Criminal Rep. Greg Gianforte

The people of Montana are sick and tired of having a violent criminal and liar who is out of touch and out of step with their values representing them in Congress. Kathleen Williams has already proven that she is an upstanding member of the community who will show up and do the work that Rep. Gianforte fails to do for workers, families, and seniors.

In his short time in Congress, violent criminal Greg Gianforte has proven to the people of Montana that he is nothing more than a wealthy business owner who won’t work on their behalf.

Gianforte has attempted to restrict public fishing access and supported groups that want to sell Montana’s public lands off to the highest bidder. Gianforte has put the desires of the ultra-wealthy and powerful special interests ahead of workers, farmers, and seniors. It is clear Gianforte hasn’t learned what Montana values are, and he will not be able to buy himself another election.

On the other hand, Kathleen Williams has extensive experience in the public, private, and non-profit sector standing up for Montanans. During her time in Montana’s Legislature, she fought to protect water rights, for access to quality health care, and lower taxes for Montana families.

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Rep. Greg Gianforte: Violent Criminal

Voted for Tax Scam at Expense of Montana

Gianforte’s vote for the GOP Tax Scam that gave 83% of the benefits to the wealthiest 1% of Americans, like him, while exploding the deficit by $1.5 trillion should show the people of Montana exactly where they fall on his priorities list. To attempt to pay for the tax cuts to corporations and wealthy individuals, the future of Social Security and Medicare, which Montanans have paid into and depend on is being put at risk. Greg Gianforte can afford to gamble with the future but the people of Montana can’t.

Doesn’t Share Montana Values

As the richest Member of Congress, a proven liar, and a violent criminal it is not surprising that Rep. Gianforte doesn’t seem to share Montana values. Gianforte sued the state to restrict public fishing access through his property and his family trust has gone as far as to support groups that want to sell Montana’s public lands off to the highest bidder. Instead of holding powerful special interests accountable, Gianforte broke a promise and decided to accept money from corporations. Every action he takes seems to show how little he understands the values that Montanan’s hold dear.

Refuses to Protect Health Care for Families & Seniors

The Washington Republican Establishment’s health care bill, on which Gianforte was terrified to take a public position, would have taken health insurance away from 79,700 people in Montana, raised their premiums, imposed an age tax on seniors, and done nothing to lower the price of prescription drugs. Since he has gotten to Congress he has done little to lower health care costs for Montanans, and his support of the GOP Tax Scam could lead to a 19.8% premium increase in Montana this year.


The people of Montana don’t want a representative who is a liar and a violent criminal and out of touch with their values. They want an advocate like Kathleen Williams, who has proven she will take on tough fights for the people of Montana.

This race is already getting away from Gianforte. Rep. Gianforte has never won a regularly scheduled November election, and has never won any election as a convicted criminal.  In 2016, while Montana resoundingly voted for Donald Trump, Gianforte was rejected by Montana voters. A February 2018 poll, found that only 28% of voters said they would “definitely re-elect” Gianforte, and a majority of voters said he was too close to special interests (57%) and has not done enough to protect public lands (55%).

Kathleen Williams is an authentic candidate who has proven she will fight for Montanans. Having worked to pass tax reform that helped working-class families and fought to make sure insurance companies covered critical cancer treatments she can present a strong contrast to Gianforte. In addition, Kathleen has put together an impressive campaign operation powered by grassroots support, and has a strong base of fundraising support. She’s on track to run a competitive race this fall.

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