Rosendale and Gianforte Favor Gutting Hundreds of Billions from Social Security and Medicare

Tax giveaways for corporations, cuts for veterans and seniors. This is Republican governance. Mitch McConnell’s buddy Matt Rosendale will be voting for these cuts if he is elected.

When they stand on stage and say they will be a vote for everything these people say they also mean they will be gutting Social Security and Medicare to the tune of Hundreds of Billions.

Social Security doesn’t contribute a SINGLE PENNY to the deficit. But that isn’t stopping Republicans from using the massive cost of their tax giveaway to the wealthy as an excuse to demand benefit cuts.

Republicans have no ideas in this election and are running on lies, fear and hate. A deadly Republican cocktail of disinformation that means they are coming to destroy the programs that matter while giving handouts to their corrupt crony friends.

The future of Social Security and Medicare is on the ballot this November. Jon Tester and Kathleen Williams are running platforms to preserve, protect and enhance these vital programs.

Matt Rosendale and Greg Gianforte vote with these guys in DC who are making these cuts and will continue to vote with them because they funded their campaigns.

Everyone who cares about their Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid needs to vote on November 6.

If Republican politicians and the donors who own them retain full control of Congress, they are determined to finally succeed in their longstanding goal of ending all three programs.

From Newsweek:

Mitch McConnell calls for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid Cuts After Passing Tax Cuts, Massive Defense Spending

Donal Trump erodes Social Security and Medicare solvency while blaming Democrats

Republicans have no ability to govern, they just know how to divide and distract. While they keep people looking at the latest crisis they are cutting Social Security Medicare and veterans benefits.

Tax giveaways for corporations, cuts for veterans and seniors. That is the real Republican platform that they hide behind big walls and lies about working families. This election is about protecting earned benefits for seniors.

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