Stapleton’s Election Errors: Incompetence or Intentional?

Stapleton Must Not Illegally Interfere with 2018 Election

It’s obvious that Corey Stapleton is not capable of running the Montana Secretary of State’s office. The newest example of his official incompetence could almost be called intentional misconduct.

Was it an intentional mistake to send out 471,000 voter information guides that were so littered with errors that they had to be re-sent at a cost of $265,000?

As Secretary of State his intentions should be to hold free and fair elections, yet it seems that Corey Stapleton wants to degrade people’s trust in the election process.

Corey Stapleton managed to slip a lie into this mistake as well. He told the media, through his communications staff, that the failure would only cost $33,000. Lies on lies on mistakes.

Or he might just incapable of running the office altogether. That really is the question. Is this intentional or is he really that dumb?

The body of evidence suggests both.

Stapleton illegally told voters to invalidate their ballots. Check.

Stapleton opposed cost saving mail ballot special election. This would have saved counties $750,000-$1,000,000. Check.

Stapleton didn’t update the voter rolls for two months. Check.

Stapleton fabricated claims of poorly run elections and voter fraud that insulted County Clerks and Recorders. Check.

Stapleton ignored public records requests. Check.

Stapleton threatening people. Check.

Stapleton failed to verify 3rd Party signatures, resulting in a costly legal battle for the state and the eventual removal of the party from the ballot, only after counties were forced to re-print ballots costing Gallatin County $45,000

Couldn’t even run the state website right on primary night 2018. Check.

Corey Stapleton’s incompetence seems to be part of an intentional strategy malign elections and he doesn’t care how much money he has to waste while doing.

Corey Stapleton also has a record of misusing state resources like this article laid out.

MT Secretary of State criticizes media through public email blast

Across Montana, there’s new discussion over how state resources are being used to communicate.

This after Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton sent an email to thousands of residents. The focus of the message criticizes mainstream media. Stapleton sent it to 130,000 business owners and subscribers.

The email  was through an e-blast system using state funds, with the subject line “Be careful what gets your attention”.

Some hot takes from Twitter on this.



Most spot on:

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