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Mike Cooney Endorses Andy Shirtliff for PSC, Joining Long List of Endorsers

Mike Cooney – “I enthusiastically endorse Andy Shirtliff for Public Service Commission.” 

Statement from Mike Cooney endorsing Andy Shirtliff:

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Andy Shirtliff, both in service to the people of Montana and out on the campaign trail. His dedication is unwavering, as is his focus on the kitchen table issues that will help to build up our middle class. 

I have no doubt that he will serve Montanans with that same commitment and with his years of experience helping Main Street businesses grow and thrive.

I enthusiastically endorse Andy Shirtliff for Public Service Commission. 

LT. Governor Mike Cooney is the latest Montana elected official to endorse Andy Shirtliff, earlier this year Andy Shirtliff was endorsed by the Mayor of Helena, Wilmot Collins.

Wilmot Collins endorsement statement:

Some great unions, the Montana AFL-CIO, Montana Federation of Public Employees and Montana Carpenter’s Local 82 have endorsed Andy Shirtliff’s candidacy for Public Service Commission.

Former Montana Teacher of the Year Anna Baldwin has endorsed Andy Shirtliff:

Former Congressional Candidate Rob Quist has endorsed Andy Shirtliff:

My fellow Montanans, I’m proud to stand with my friend Andy Shirtliff and endorse his candidacy for Montana Public Service Commission.

I’m proud to endorse Andy Shirtliff and stand by his side on the campaign trail. You’ll soon see me at events with Andy and I hope you’ll join me in contributing to Andy’s campaign. With your help and a lot of hard work, we’ll elect Andy Shirtliff to the Montana Public Service Commission.

Andy supports job-creation through affordable, reliable clean energy. Andy will fight for wind and solar projects in Montana to deliver consumers the best options to keep power bills affordable and bring clean energy and good jobs to Montana’s rural communities.

Former Legislator from Butte Pat Noonan endorsed Andy Shirtliff:

“The old ideas of the all Republican PSC has not produced good results for MT consumers. Andy represents new ideas, new enthusiasm and a person who will protect Montana consumers on the PSC.

I endorse Andy Shirtliff’s candidacy for the PSC because we need new energy and a fresh perspective on the commission.”

Former PSC Commissioner Ken Toole endorsed Andy Shirtliff:

I’m endorsing Andy Shirtliff for the District 5 Public Service Commission Seat.

Andy Shirtliff is also a strong supporter of net neutrality.  He understands that allowing internet providers to slice and dice their services and charge different rates to different customers puts big providers in the position to pick winners and losers in “competitive” markets.  This is generally bad for the country but it is particularly bad for large rural states where access to the internet is increasingly important for everything from health care, to business, to education.

Missoula County Clerk and Treasurer Tyler Gernant endorsed Andy Shirtliff.

Missoula City Councilwoman Julie Armstrong endorsed Andy Shirtliff.

Former PSC Commission Tom Schneider endorsed Andy Shirtliff.

Montana Sportsmen Alliance has endorsed Andy Shirtliff.


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