Pissed off? Afraid? Willing to Fight for the Future? Get to Work.

Whatever it is that you cherish in this world you need to reflect on that today…and then you must get to work.

Every day for the next month you must fight for your future. Your children’s future. We all must start planning a meaningful world for the next seven generations, not how we get through this week or how we buy our next car. The future of a world for all humanity and all living species depends on us, today. Americans, you have the power. This is the truth, we have too much power and we must start using all of it for good.

What happened over the last few weeks was the final straw. No need to dive back into the pain, trauma and disgusting antics of a Republican party that needs a housecleaning. Real Republicans agree that the party is dead and has no ideological core left. That is obvious to anyone not in the cult of Trump.

This week we found out we have exactly 12 years left in a world that any of us understand. You may have missed this among the forest fires and mega-hurricanes and endless 100-year floods, but the climate crisis has reached its final stage before we do too much damage to fix. We must prevent the global temperature from rising 1.5 degrees Celsius.

I can tell you that you have very few options left to stop this climate crisis and this constitutional crisis and crisis of women’s autonomy and I will stop here to let you breathe…

I understand that the death knell being rattled every day, every week, every month of the last two years has been exhausting, but over the next month you must forget the last two years and work like your future depends on this month, because it does.

We have one month to impact an election. I won’t fight with those of you who say elections are not the “be all, end all”, while this point could use a good fleshing out in the future I think we have seen over the last two years that elections matter beyond what we could have ever comprehended. No one could have imagined that we would be planning what to do in the case of a maniac President who couldn’t control himself on the internet, in public or behind closed doors. A Senate that enables his worst tendencies and destroys our democratic institutions and the rule of law. A Supreme Court that overturns established law to enable voter suppression. This is a future beyond the comprehension of what any of us were prepared for.

Over the next month we all need to practice self-care, but we also need to take walks, walks around our neighborhood with some literature from local candidates. We need to let people know that if Republicans maintain absolute power over every branch of government then we will go back to a country that denies healthcare coverage for those of us with pre-existing conditions, like Katie:

Asthma, cancer, diabetes. We all know someone who has fought their insurance company while also fighting to survive.

I need you to fight for your friends, for your family, for yourself. We are all at risk. I need you to walk into your local campaign office and be ready to knock doors or make calls. This is what we all must do for the next month.

Are you willing to fight for the future?

Office locations: Volunteer today

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If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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