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Republicans & Democrats Agree: Vote Yes on 6 Mill Levy

VOTE YES ON LR-128, the 6 Mill Levy

Finding common ground in 2018 is a rarity, but the 6 mill levy is a diamond in the rough. It is the best of all worlds. It funds our universities that keep our communities vibrant, educates our next generation, strengthens our workforce and invests in our future.

The 6 mill levy has been renewed every decade since its inception in 1948.

Republican Senator Steve Daines supports it:

I join Montana voters in supporting the continuation of common sense investments in our schools so that future generations can also benefit from our state’s public education system. The 6-mill Levy has served as the traditional building block of Montana education funding for nearly 70 years, and has also received the bipartisan support of Montana’s state representatives and senators, as well as a multitude of community leaders.

Democratic Senator Jon Tester supports it:

Montanans have seen the value of the 6-mill Levy for the last 70 years because we know that investing in our kids, the future of this state, is a Montana value. A vote to renew the 6-mill levy is a vote to give students the educational tools they need to decide their own futures.

Republican former Secretary of State and 2004 Republican nominee for Governor Bob Brown supports it:

Even in this era of increasing partisanship, the 6-mill continues to stand out, perhaps uniquely, as a matter on which Montanans across party lines can still agree.

The 6-mill levy is a great, good and uniquely Montana tradition. Our great grandparents established it for our grandparents who renewed it for our parents and us at the same rate of 6 mills. It is now our turn to pass on the same level of support for higher education to our kids and their kids.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock:

I know we must ensure the next generation has the education to compete for the jobs of tomorrow. Montanans have approved the 6-Mill Levy since 1948, because we know education builds a strong workforce and a strong economy. Let’s be sure to make the same commitment to our kids that generations before made to us.

Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer:

You bet I’m voting for the Six Mill this November. And so should every Montanan who cares at all about the future of our state. For seventy years, every corner of the Big Sky has benefited from the Six Mill. It’s helped keep state tuition affordable at our public colleges and universities and provided an opportunity for more Montana kids to get ahead with a great education right here at home. We are a stronger state because of the Six Mill. It’s our responsibility to keep it that way when we vote on Election Day.

Even Greg Gianforte supports it, dang, that is actually surprising.

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