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Will the Missoulian & Lee Corporation Face a Lawsuit?

In still developing reports online about the unannounced lockout and termination of the Missoula Independent Union it has come to light that Lee Corporation and the Missoulian may have stolen work product from their former employees. These claims are unverified at this time, but it is a disturbing allegation, nonetheless.


Matt Gibson: Keep the Missoula Independent Open

These claims are spreading like wildfire on the internet and seem to be about the fact that Missoula Independent Union members had owned rights to all the previous work they had published in the Missoula Independent prior to purchase by Lee Corporation.

Will the shutdown of the website by Lee Corporation and the Missoulian put them at legal risk if these employees cannot access their work product?

Why was the Missoula Independent website shut down?

With the unannounced shutdown of the Missoula Independent website, it seems that Lee Corporation could be in violation of these contract terms that allow the journalists to access their stories for research and resume purposes as well as the rights to sale of these pieces.

This is very confusing and complicated to parse, but it seems that the Lee Corporation has not been acting as a fair employer or good faith partner in the negotiation process with the Missoula Independent Union. As was confirmed yesterday by the mass firings.

Missoulians gathered in droves yesterday to support the Missoula Independent workers at an impromptu protest pictured below.

The Missoula Independent journalists were forced to call all parties they had been writing stories on today to tell them they would not be able to finish the articles.

This is truly disgusting and disturbing news of greed by the Lee Corporation and they should be concerned about these rumors.




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