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Spineless Steve Daines

Steve Daines doesn’t have to face an election until 2020 and he is lucky for that because he would definitely lose this year. #SpinelessSteve

2020 is long enough away that it’s hard to predict what will happen, but the deck is stacked against Montana’s statewide elected coward.

I feel strongly about calling Steve Daines a coward, it is not a term I use lightly or in any toxic masculinity sense.  Steve Daines is a coward because he is afraid to make tough choices. He is afraid to lead. He is afraid of Montanans and the polling shows it.

Underwater polling for unlikeable Steve Daines

Steve Daines had this to say when he was asked if President Trump can pardon himself:

Senator Daines Courageously Refuses to Answer Whether Trump Can Pardon Himself

He runs away from Montanans who want him to hold public town halls. 

Cowards of the Day: Adam Hertz and Steve Daines

One Year Later: Steve Daines and Adam Hertz are Still Cowards

Daines Disappears while Senator Tester holds Great Falls Town Hall

Sen. Daines Could Learn a Lot from Wilmot Collins: Helena Mayor to Hold Regular Town Meetings

Exclusive Video: Montana Voter Asks Daines at Airport: “Why Won’t You Hold Town Halls?”

About that Daines TeleTown Hall

Put on your hip boots, it’s a Steve Daines “teletownhall”

He lies about voting for bills that he voted against.

Senator Daines Takes Credit for Butte Veterans Home He Voted Against

As Montana Burns, Gianforte, Daines and Zinke move to Slash Disaster Relief Funding

He meets with the Russians.

Has Steve Daines met with Montana Voters or Russians more recently?

He votes for completely unqualified cabinet officials.

Majority of Montanans Tell Daines: ‘No On DeVos’

And more:

Guest Post: Letter to Senator Daines

An Open Letter to Steve Daines from the People of Montana

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