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(Video) Jon Tester is “Pissed Off” & Spitting Mad, Tells Imerys to end the Lockout and “Open Those Gates!!!”

Jon Tester just delivered this speech in Three Forks. I have seen Jon Tester fired up, I watched him in 2006 and he was fired up then.

This year Jon Tester is pissed off, this is exactly what Montanans need. A man who is willing to go to bat for them, who will stand up to this foreign corporation and fight back.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle reporter Whitney Bermes tweeted these remarks from Senator Tester.

Jon Tester has always been Montana’s fighter and a man who will stand on the picket line and holler at the top of his lungs at a foreign corporation. This is who I want as my senator; a man who will get pissed off and get a little politically incorrect when its necessary.

Sometimes you gotta wake people up.

The workers at the Imerys talc plant in Three Forks have now been locked out for over a month and Jon Tester just sent the company a message, get these Montanans back to work or else. The full force of Montana is aimed squarely at this company and they didn’t realize the sleeping giant that they awoke when locked out these Boilermakers.

Montana working families are sick of the mistreatment and lies of these corporations and we will take what is ours.

Imerys, you’ve just been given notice.


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Nathan Kosted

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