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A Labor Day Reminder to Support Kathleen Williams for Congress

As we celebrate Labor Day, I encourage you to vote Kathleen Williams for US Congress this fall. Kathleen cares about hardworking Montana families, not just on Labor Day, but every day. She worked hard for three terms in the State Legislature and will work hard for Montanans in Congress.

I served with Williams during my freshman term in the Legislature. She was often the last person working late on the House floor and then came in early the next day. Williams and I worked together on House Taxation Committee. As the committee vice chair, her leadership was effective, cooperative and solution driven. Kathleen cares about fair, equitable tax policies and public revenues. She understands that tax policy must be progressive and tackle the increasing income disparity in Montana and across the country. Williams was one of the first legislators to discuss income inequality and its implications for the state tax code. She laid the groundwork for the state Earned Income Tax Credit, which will provide supplemental income for 80,000 low-income Montana families.

Kathleen cares that federal tax policy is moving in the wrong direction with the disastrous tax bill that her opponent reportedly championed. There were no public hearings, federal lawmakers scribbled amendments by hand and voted without reading the bill. This terrible tax law is ballooning the federal deficit by over $1.8 trillion to pay for a tax cut for corporate cronies and wealthy special interests. Ordinary Montanans get crumbs.

This Labor Day, we want more than crumbs. Hardworking Montanans deserve a fair tax policy and equitable system of public revenues. They deserve a decent income and benefits, equal pay for equal work, paid sick and family leave, an ability to form and join unions, non-discrimination and safe, healthy work conditions. Kathleen cares about those important policies to improve people’s lives. That’s why I support her and ask you to vote Kathleen Williams for Congress. Thank you and happy Labor Day.

*Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell serves in the Montana Legislature and represents House District 84, Helena/East Helena. You can reach Mary Ann at [email protected] or cell/text (406) 461-5358.

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Mary Ann Dunwell

Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell is a Democrat serving her second term in the Montana State Legislature. She represents House District 84, Helena/East Helena. You can reach her at [email protected]

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