2018: Year of the Union

2017 was the year of chaos, the year of the rich, the year of the billionaire bullies.

2018 is the year of the worker, the year of the union, the year that working families take back what is theirs.

The teacher strikes sweeping across the country from West Virginia to Arizona to Oklahoma, Los Angeles and even Seattle are events that this nation hasn’t seen the likes of in decades. Workers organizing for better working conditions, fair wages and benefits they are owed.

Teachers in America are paid so little the strike was the only recourse they had remaining and the strikes keep happening, every week a new city or state teachers union is striking.

The newest additions to the union wave are Montana made: Three Forks. Missoula. Kalispell.

We all #StandWithThreeForks and on this Labor Day, we know that these workers will never back down and will always fight for what they have earned. Montana stands with Three Forks. These workers were locked out after a foreign corporation tried to raid their hard earned benefits and previously negotiated terms.

Jon Tester is heading down to #StandWithThreeForks tomorrow on Labor Day. Join him at 6pm at the picket line at the Imerys plant at 2150 Bench Road in Three Forks:

RSVP to Labor Day Rally to Support Locked Out Workers

Kathleen Williams and Rex Renk will be there as well as the third visit to Three Forks for PSC candidate Andy Shirtliff.

Missoula is the story of a union in the midst of the true 21st century unionizing struggle. An out-of-state corporation has gobbled up a beloved and respected paper for the sake of destroying its competition and adding a few more dollars to its bloated waist. The Missoula Independent fights on another day and will not give up!

The #KeepMissoulaIndy hashtag is trending and the city of Missoula has rallied behind these embattled workers who have been threatened with layoffs for unionizing their shop to protect their worker’s rights.

Show these workers you support them and join the Missoula Independent Union workers this Friday at 7pm at the Union Club: RSVP HERE

Why are all these workers unionizing?

Strength in a union.

Power in a union.

Family in a union.

Join a union young woman or man.

The newest Montana union effort is in Kalispell where the nurses have started the work to form a union.

via the Flathead Beacon: Nurses at Kalispell Regional Healthcare Launch Unionization Effort

2018: Year of the Union

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