Jennifer Merecki: Fighter for the Working Class

Jennifer Merecki is not your typical political candidate. If you called her rogue or a rebel she would take it as a compliment. Her campaign is founded on the idea that partisanship has gone too far and that all voters deserve representation, not just those of your party affiliation. She refuses to use the gameplan that candidates are told to follow and is blazing her own trail.

Jennifer is talking to every voter and registering first-time voters to engage with the political process.

Jennifer Merecki, candidate for SD 22 in Billings, registers a voter while canvassing her district.

She has a message of inclusiveness, cooperation and not playing partisan politics and the people of Billings are loving it. Billings residents in Senate District 22 where Jennifer is running agree and are tired of the division. They want a candidate who represents them and understands them. Jennifer is just that candidate.

She is working class just like her working-class district and her focus on listening is working. Jennifer is not your typical candidate in any sense, she is gun-owning,  public lands advocate who supports better wages, increased funding for infrastructure and she is a licensed nursing home administrator and health care executive.

Jennifer believes we should be investing, strengthening, and supporting our public-school system.

You can donate to Jennifer Merecki here: DONATE

Jennifer believes and will protect the Workers Bill of Rights, Unions and Prevailing wages. Prevailing wages prevent our tax money going to support those companies that pay the lowest wages rather than the most skilled, highest quality, and most efficient. This is a must for any candidate who wants to bring better jobs and better wages to Montanans.

Jennifer Merecki is strong advocate for veterans and knows that veterans deserve every benefit they earned and she will ensure they get them. She knows this because she comes from a family of veterans and understands the veteran community.

Jennifer Merecki participates in the Warrior Run on August 5th, 2018.

The Montana Warrior Run is the biggest fundraiser for American Legion Post 117 and offers folks a chance to support their vets and raise money to help them.

Visit Jennifer Merecki’s website here ( and donate $20 or $30 if you can spare it. She is running a smart race, in a tough district and needs your help to win.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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